Single Vs Relationship? Little Poll For You!

The world is always divided between being single or being happily in love with someone. The answer for this question would be easy: being in love is way much better for lot of reason. 99% of you would say that. And i would be agree with all of them. Being in love is amazing. At least is what i heard. But it’s not so easy. Why? Well, because we are forgetting something. What? Well, easy: money!

“Single Vs relationship” Dilemma

The “Single vs relationship” dilemma would be easy if money don’t come in play. For men a relationship is expensive and the longer a man is in a relationship, the more money he is gonna “waste”. It’s not because we men want to waste all the money. It’s because men are often morally forced to pay everything. Between dinners, dates, gifts and vacation a man has to prove he’s worthy the woman’s love, while the woman often enjoy the results and she’s sometimes so mean to thing “oh, that’s just it?”

For women is easy to fall in love. They have options, something that men don’t have. A lady’s love life is often “easy: she can date all the pretenders and choose the best one. On the other side, the men has to surprised the woman. And often the men spend lot of money to create this “surprise effect”. Women can say “well, men don’t need money to make us fall in love!”. Really? I want to ask you something, my dear women. Between two very gentle, nice, kind and good-hearted men, one poor and one rich, which one would you choose?

I know that not all the women are like that. Thank God! But a huge part of the ladies give a special attention is the men is rich or not! Because women often need a rich men, so “he can take care of her!”

is the situation changing?

“Yes, but now the society is changing!” you may say. Yeah, are you sure about that? I mean, i have barely heard of a couple where the woman pays for vacations, for example! And when i did, the man was always the bad one. Why? Because for lot of women MEN HAS TO TAKE CARE OF THE LADIES. Although women earn money for themselves. It doesn’t matter if the society is changing, women are often still attached to that idea of relationship, where the man has to be a gentleman and pays for everything. If he wants to conquer the woman, he has to “prove” his love also with these things. Women wants equality, but when we talk about love, they have a medieval mentality.

Women earn money, but they often don’t want to use them of the couple. Those money are only for the lady’s happiness. The men has to pay for the couple.

I don’t know, maybe i am just a stupid man, but it seems to me that this idea of “being a gentleman” is just a way for women not to spend a cent. Let the man pay. If something goes wrong, ladies have still the wallet full of money.

being SELFISH!

For that reason, i want to stay away from a relationship. Being in love with a woman and seeing my wallet being empty, because that woman is never happy with what i give her, is something i want to avoid! I would love meet lot of women and i would be friend with them, maybe something more. But love is not in my priority right now! Better be alone and with lot of money. It this way i can use this money to buy thing for me!

Poll for you!

But now, it’s up to you! What’s better for you? Being single and with lot of money or being poor in a relationship? You can vote down here!

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