War: With Guns or With Money?


Africa, Asia and Europe. In those three continents, even in the 21st Century, there are both war or threats to fight a war. Don’t ask me why, but for some weird reason, countries have to fight for something. I find it ridiculous and very childish, but it is what it is. However, the question is now why we fight. The question is: how to fight in the 21st Century? Let me be a little bit clearer.

Fighting a war With Violence.

Think About the last Century. All those battle were fought with people, guns and machines. The schema wa always the same: two armies that fight. One was the invader and the other was the invaded. It’s doesn’t really matter who win or lose. All the nations involved in the war were all losers. They have lost time, lives and lot of money. And, in the end, the results might be even very poor. Human history have given us a lot of moments where we can easily say that “humanity has no idea how to fight!”.

Then, the cold war came. In those 4 decades United States and Russia have started a sick game. We all know it that very well. No matter which side, nuclear missiles were always ready to be launched. The problem with nuclear weapon is their strength. If a nuclear was started, it would be the end of everything. No winner, only losers. So, countries needed to find another way to destroy another country, without causing the end of the world.

Fighting a war With Money.

United States and China have realized something crucial: a traditional war was not the right way anymore to fight. There’s too much information and too much control. In addition to that, people are not prepared to fight and witness the tragedy of a war. It would be a distasted for the public opinion. And we know how much politics love the public opinion. So, they thought that you can also invade a country in another way: with money.

I’m not talking about corruption. I am talking about legit investments. Billions of dollars for buildings, infrastructures, healthcare and for all the things a country needs.

The Marshall Plan.

That’s exactly what America did with the “Marshall Plan”. U.S.A. invest billion of dollars in Europe after the WWII in exchange of help against Russia. Thanks to that money, the West side of the Europe is with the United States. Officially all those money were investment that United States did to “help Europe to go back in its feet”. Behind the scene it was an invasion. With the money came also the military base and thousand of American soldiers.

The “Marshall Plan” is fascinating. If a soldier overstep a border, it’s technically war. But, give the fact there was a deal between America and Europe, all this military forces were “a help to protect Europe”. That was freaking brilliant. United Stated have two foot in Europe, without even have had the problem to start a war. Just some billions invested and everything will be fine.

China and the Silk road.

What America did, China is doing right now. China, however, is a little bit more elegant. They don’t send soldier, they buy the country. How? Well, let me explain.

The Silk Road was a road used in the middle Age that connect Europe and China. It was crucial in those times. Then technology and progress helped to create much faster ways to move the goods. Between ships and airplanes the old “Silk Road” was not useful anymore. However, China had this great idea: the revitalization of The New Silk Road. For that goal, China is ready to invest one trillion euro. Why does China wants to re open an old road?

This is how it goes. China wants to create that road. But this road will cross different countries. So, to complete the project, China will invest in this country, using all the local workforces to build what China needs to build. Which means that thousand of people in the involved countries will have a job thanks to China’s money. In exchange, those country will become China’s friends, because China is a “good soul”.

Russia and its nonsense.

And now we are in 2022 between Russia and Ukraine. And i still don’t get what the hell is Russia thinking? I am pretty sure that Russia lives in the 50s of the 20th Century. Why does Russia think that fighting a war with men and machine is still the right way? Are you kidding me? The world has changed and something like that is no more possible. Too much information and people now have a peace oriented mentality. For them war is unacceptable. China and United Stated have created the path, but Russia doesn’t look around itself!

Now it’s pretty too late for Putin to do anything. Yes, the Red Army can invade Ukraine, but United Stated are already there. It will be a huge waste of money, people and time. And i am pretty sure that Ukraine will remain independent.

This is what drives me crazy. Russia is one of the biggest producer of Gas. With that gas Europe and Ukraine survive. People in Moscow needed only one thing to do: stop the gas supply to Ukraine. So, Ukraine would have no gas. People, do you have any idea how much some countries still depends on Gas? If Russia stopped the gas supply to Ukraine (and maybe to Europe) Russia might be in a very powerful position. Maybe Russia could conquer Ukraine without even shooting once, with the agreement of Europe.


In the 21st Century the concept of war is different, They are no more fought on the battlefield, but with money and accords (look America with Europe and the NATO). A country can “invade” another country without even wasting someone’s life. Only some billions dollar and the game is on!

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