Life is like a Puzzle!

Today i was doing a puzzle. They help me think when i need it! While i was getting my nerves under pressure, i thought: “Damn, life is a huge puzzle” Since that moment, my brain started to fly in the sky, leaving me alone with 3000 to sort. Don’t you think that life is like a huge puzzle? Well, here me out!

Life is a huge chaos

When you start your life you have no idea what to expect. I mean, it can be everything. It’s like a puzzle when you buy it. You know what you have in your hands, but you have no idea what’s inside. It may be that the piece are already sorted out, or maybe you have to be patient and sort all the pieces out. You have no idea until you don’t open the packaging. That’s fascinating. Every time you make a choice, you know what it might be, but you don’t know how the situation will be.

Life: You have to sort all the pieces!

Once you take your decision (you have open your puzzle box), it’s time to take a look of what’s inside. You have to be patient, find the right strategy to get through it and learn from your mistakes. Maybe you don’t have sorted all your pieces perfectly, maybe you have lost one and you have no idea where it is or maybe you thought to have a right strategy to get it done, but in truth it was all wrong since the very beginning.

Life work like that! You start somewhere with a strategy, thinking that it’s the right one. Then, for whatever reason, your plan fail miserably. Maybe you were too aggressive, too impatient, or maybe you have lost directions or someone is trying to sabotage your work. You never know. The key is to have patient, don’t let your nerve control your mind and get through it. All of a sudden, you will start to find the first pieces and you start to realized that your life (that puzzle) is not so complicated after all!

Be Patient.

Congratulation! You found your first two pieces! In front of you right now, you have maybe 3000, or even more pieces to combine. You know how the puzzle will look like in the end and you can’t wait to see it. But you can’t rush yourself. The more you get impatient, the harder will be to finish it. Be patient, don’t lose hope and stick to your strategy. Piece by piece, you will be able to see that picture. Life is just the same! You know what you want to achieve and the life you want. But to get there, it’s a huge mess you have to deal with. Work hard, do what you need to and one day your picture will be there in front of your eyes.

The More you work, the easier will be!

Every single piece you find is a piece less to the very end. It’s quite exciting. Because you are every single time closer to see all the pieces in the right place. Now the picture is getting every time clearer and the pieces are not so much anymore. You can start to see that finding this pieces are not so hard anymore and you are getting better in what you are doing. Before you needed so much more time to find a piece. Now, with just a quick look you are in the position to know what piece in which place. You started to feel good and confident with yourself. For the first time since the beginning you can start to think “Oh, i can really do that!”

As soon as you start something, you also start to work hard on yourself. You learn processes, people and yourself more. You are able to beat your limit and you can move forward. Oh, and you will move forward…even faster than you expect. At one point, you will look back where you started, you take a look where you are and you will think “You know what? I can do that!”

The End!

Finally! After month and months of frustration, patient and long hours sitting on your floor, you can finally see the picture. This is exactly how you imagine it. You are absolutely proud of yourself. In the beginning, you thought that it might be a very hard challenge. And it was sometimes an hard challenge. But here you are, looking at that puzzle saying “i did it!”. Now you look back and you are thinking “I’m good! I did this puzzle, i can do all the puzzle i want!

Life is not so different after all! You start somewhere. You might know the end, but you have no idea how to get there. But you start. In front of you it’s a huge fog. But step by step you get used to that fog. Every day you see things clearer and clearer. Until one day you will see clear like never before and the picture is exactly like you have in your mind. You are proud of yourself and you will say “I did it! I’m good! If i did this, i can do everything!”

Yes, life is exactly life a puzzle: with patient and strategy you can reach everything you want !

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