Love and Sex: Are The Same Thing?

Today the monkey in my brain is not doing pretty well. I mean, he’s not sick, but for some reason he’s particularly active in showing me erotic stuff. A the picture number 15040, out of nowhere, i started to have the following thought: is sex and love the same thing? Are the two things somehow related?

What is Love?

…”Baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, no more!”…Sorry, i had to do that! Every time i read, write or hear this question, my mind start to think about the song. Let’s get back to business. What is love?

As far as i am concern, this emotion is just a word created to collect all the emotion someone feels when the relationship gets pretty deep. Actually, for me saying something about love might be stupid! It’s so a big concept that i can base an entire blog on it. But one thing i want to say it tough.

Love is a freaking emotional connection between two people. In love, mind are connected in such a big way that i don’t even know where to begin to describe it. One has to live this connection just to comprehend the depth of love. With love you will be “one” with another soul. You will understand the other, without a word. You will feel when something is wrong. Your partner will be a open book. You will want to make your partner happy. And, more important, you can still be yourself with another person around you. That’s what’s love. Being yourself and living your life, but together with another person you will love more than anything else! This is why falling in love so damn hard. Because “being yourself”, “living your life” and “being with another person” are things in contrast with the others.

What’s sex?

Well, sex is a physical activity. Two or more people are AGREE to get naked and have some adults fun with only one goal: reach the PHYSICAL happiness they are looking for. Sometimes more than ones. And the happiness is only a physical one, reached only with a specific stimulation. Everyone can have sex. Sex is theoretically the easiest thing to do.

If you are single and you are looking for some “good partner” for the night, you look for someone who “turn you on” for million reasons! You ask this person to have sex, and you get naked. End of the story. And that has nothing to do with love. Size or forms of specifics body parts don’t make you fall in love with someone. This is ridiculous. When i meet a woman and we get along in the evening, I’m not in love with her. I just having good time. And if the moment and the time is right, we will have some adult fun. However, once it’s all over, we will dress up and i will leave her house. Maybe i will see her again, maybe won’t. For sure i will not propose to her the next day!

“It’s nonsense! I am in love with my partner and we cuddle, there’s romance and we are very kind to each other!” you may say. Well, cuddles happen often before and after sex. It doesn’t count! During sexual activity, you are both pretty wild and you will forget about being romantic. The “being kind” situation is nonsense. Just because you are kind with someone, doesn’t mean you are in love. This is respect, something you must have ALL THE TIME…even if you are doing nasty stuff! Being aggressive is fine, but nobody must get hurt!

Is there any connection between sex and love?

Well, in my opinion, there’s no connection whatsoever between the two things. Sex is about body and love is about mind. Putting the two things at the same level is a mistake, because they are not! Love is way much more above sex. Those are two different universe! You can easily have sex with every single person on this planet. And you can’t have any kind of feeling whatsoever. Adult industry is the living proof. Those performers have sex in camera without feeling anything for the other performer or performers.

On the other side, you can’t have love feelings for everyone in this platen. You will fall in love with one, maybe two people in your life. Falling in love is not so easy. You need trust, loyalty, respect, emotional connection and so many other things. And all these things are not requested in sex. There are people who have sex with people and they don’t even know the names. Is it sad? Yes, but this is how sex works! With love you don’t have this distance. It’s impossible. If you really love someone, the name will stuck in your mind forever!


Sex and love are not the same thing. The two are not related. No, if you are telling me “love in our sex is a crucial part!” you are wrong. All the emotion you have are still physical emotion. You want to possess that person. You want to have in your hands, smell the perfume, the softness of the skin, the breath on you and you want to feel the passion. All those things are related to body and instinct. In sex is all about body and instinct.

The only thing that love does is to help you to make thing better. Because you know your partner, you are in a stable relationship and everything comes so natural. However, this is just a collateral effect, nothing you can relate to sex! Sex itself is just “get naked and get the job done!”.

Are you agree with me?

See ya


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