Blog: Are You Sure You’re Doing Something Good?

I was scrolling my WordPress homepage this morning. Between all the interesting posts i was reading, one have capture my curiosity and attention. The post comes from Christina Mihai‘s blog. It’s not about the post itself, but the statistics he showed. Before to even start, I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST THIS BLOGGER. I wish to have his numbers!! However, my brain has not stopped to think about that diagram! Let me explain.

Blog: It’s all about numbers?

That post captured my curiosity for one reason: his numbers. He has got something like 130 thousand followers. It’s a huge blog. I mean, 130 thousands people can easily fill the Wembley Stadium TWICE. This is ridiculous! The amount of people he was able to reach and bring to his community is absolutely amazing. I wish to have such a big community. That would be absolutely amazing. I can only imagine how busy my life would be with all that followers: between comments, likes and private messages, my day would be full of inspiration, joy, fun and gratitude. But we are not here talking about me. It would be great if i had this numbers, but i don’t.

Blog: Is the rate the key of success?

I have already talk about it in this post. However, this was related to Instagram. How about blogging? Is the blogging community different? Well, thanks to Mihai’s post, i can reflect about it. As i said he is 130 thousand followers. However, he’s got only 11 thousand views and 5000 visitors a month. Can we say that they are positive numbers? Well, there are two ways to see the situation.

One was is the number itself. We are talking about 5000 visitors every single month. This is a huge number and with this kind of audience, one can actually plan something economically. More than that, we are talking about 10 000 views, which means that with Google Ads one can have huge opportunity to make some money out of the blog. The second way is related to the numbers,the size and the behave of the community itself. Let me explain.

The Health of a Blog.

With 130 thousand followers he’s able to capture ONLY 5000 followers. We are talking about 4%. Which means that 4 followers out of hundred read what he has to offer. In addition to that, 11 000 views monthly are only two pages every visitors. Are those numbers great? Well, absolutely not! That blogger has maybe published hundreds of posts. And visitors read only two of them? That makes me mad. The problem is that we follow bloggers and we don’t help them in a good way. With 130 thousand follower, he should have 130 thousand visitors every single post. And every post must have 130 thousand likes and at least 130 thousand comments. This is how a healthy community should work. If i follow someone means that i want to interact with this or that creator. If i don’t left any kind of interaction, better not to follow.

This poor guy is doing a lot of work behind the scene to give new content, and 96% of his community is not reading. I know that maybe some of the community doesn’t receive the notification, maybe some accounts are dead accounts and maybe other don’t read WordPress too often, but we are talking about 96%! It’s a huge number.


It’s sad to think that people follow someone else, but then they don’t care what this person publishes. I’m not saying now that we have to be in front of a screen all day, patiently waiting new contents from all the blogger we follow. I’m just saying that if you follow someone, it would be appreciated that you interact with that blogger. You have no idea how often a like or even a comment can effect the moral.

Don’t ignore those who are working hard for you to give you something to read!

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7 thoughts on “Blog: Are You Sure You’re Doing Something Good?

  1. An interesting post content Mauro. But don’t always believe the numbers. Numbers are pretty unimportant. When as you have said, it is purely about interaction. 130K followers is an unhealthy number of blogs following you, especially when the numbers perhaps are not truly glowing? I would be more curious about that.

    Not all of those figures are accurate either.

    Here is a living example.

    If you read my stats today according to WordPress.

    I have 104 followers, and apparently, l follow 405 followers. But these figures are not correct. My blog was created in September 2017.

    The accurate figures are … I follow and read, including your blog, which l have recently started to read and added to my list of blogs that l do read weekly is 44. Of those, 44 ONLY 40% interact with me regularly weekly. The remaining 60% interact with me over the month, and some of that 44 ONLY LIKE and never interact.

    Of those that l follow the so-called 405 – the actual figure is 45. I follow 45 bloggers, and 44 Follow me. But the 44 that follow me do not all interact with me, including the blogger you mention here today. He follows me even though l manually remove him three times a week because he never interacts.

    A few months ago, l had 2700 followers, and l chose to delete 2645 of them, and every month since then, l have at least a dozen ‘new’ follow me, and if they don’t bother to interact with me in 10 days l delete them.

    Not everything is about numbers, Mauro. You will learn that not all numbers are actual or exemplary at first glance.

    WordPress numbers can at best be a little inaccurate as well.

    Good post-Mauro, exciting content.


    1. Oh. That’s an interesting point of view. I didn’t know that people delete followers, because they don’t interact. I would never do that! I would try as much as i can to convice them to interact. Before to throw someone from my community, i would try to keep this person with me!
      I have just a question why are you following so much follower when, in truth, you follow only a bunch of them? I’m pretty curios!

      1. Mauro. I follow only those that l read. I am not following anyone l don’t read.

        I follow 45 writers and 44 follow me. I read on average 30 blogs a week and 45 blogs a month.

        Not all those that follow you are following you to read your content. they follow on the hope of like for like follow back. I used to hold the viewpoint of ‘oh no, l could never unfollow someone’.

        However, you will have to trust me on this and knowing the community as l have been watching it for 4+ years, is that not everything is at it seems.

        Many people that follow are not real people, they are programmes and bots.

        Not everyone that follows interacts on a regular basis, many LIKE a post just for the sake of liking a post and they will LIKE hundreds of posts a day and they will never read your content.

        I am still learning about WordPress although l have been writing online since 2000. There are things you just learn over time.

        Now l have a good community on my blog that read and interact with me over the course of four weeks. i know those that read but don’t like, those that interact and comment and those that only comment or those that only like.

        On a personal blog l don’t need to reach thousands of people that don’t interact with me that’s not community writing or even community socialising that is just people being drones and others being clones of drones.

        WordPress is filled with sheep.

        A business blog is different, traffic is optimum and the blogger adopts very different strategies for optimising that traffic. But on a personal blog, a writer has to ask themselves honestly how many people does one really truly need in their life, in their community and in their friend’s circle.

          1. My pleasure, you are doing fine – better than fine, but try to not worry about numbers and figures so much and after a while your blog will develop through your writing and interaction and your readers will interact.

              1. I get to know the blogger first through interaction, then l concentrate on their blog content. this is the prime reason l delete followers who don’t interact and by this soon you learn who is reading your content properly in comparison to those who never read and to those who only like it. it is way easier to LIKE something, it is more communicable however to interact.

                My personal blog is about being with those l class as friends, people and writers l have come to know as people. My immediate circle of people on my blog are not followers they are friends and they are the people l would truly welcome if out and having a coffee. they are friends l would want to sit down with and laugh with and share stories and events of the day. That’s what my blog means to me, which is why l don’t need lots of people.

                With regards to your blog at this early stage of starting to read your content and interact with it … l like your outlook on life and the fact that you are willing to share your opinion on it and your honesty at looking at that. But more importantly Mauro, is l like the fact that you asked.

                As said you are doing better than fine, but don’t get disheartened, things take time 🙂

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