Fashion: Is It Right To Be Trendy?

Fashion industry is one of the biggest industry EVER. We are talking about billion of dollar every year and hundreds of thousand of people involved in the business. Between influencer, designers, models, magazines and all the people behind the scenes there are a lot of people that earn money with just “clothes”. However, the question is: is fashion trends something useful?

Fashion is controlling us!

Fashion is controlling us. If you look around you, there are advertising everywhere. Between magazines, influencer, internet and television we are constantly “under attack”. Magazine tell us what’s trendy and what’s not. Influencer try to convince us, in every single possible way they can, to buy that stuff. Internet and television make sure we spend our money to buy those stuff. It’s a trap. Once you get into it, there’s no way to get out. And we listen to this stuff. How many women and men are there around us wearing the same things? A lot. Not because there’s no choice. It’s only because the fashion industry is telling us to buy specific clothes, because otherwise you will not be happy and “cool”. With trends, all the brands are not selling only products, but experiences!

Fashion as a fight!

There’s nothing wrong with “forcing us to spend all our money”. Every industry does. Two things are however fascinating: how fashion changes so rapidly and people.

Fashion changes like we change the underwear!

Every year there are “brand new things”. Maybe different colors, maybe different clothes, different materials or any other possible variation. I am perfect ignorant in this thing. From the outside is incredible to see how all the brands are desperately in the search of the “next big thing”, something unique and never done before. But they can’t, because everything was already invented. More than that, maybe it’s only me, but all the “new” clothes look like the old ones. The only different is that the new is much more expensive than the old.

In the past we had the invention of jeans, bikini, mini-skirt and the high heels. Those four things have changed forever the fashion industry. More than that, that was “something never done before”. Right now, brands try to sell us something like “unique”, when it’s not. The same skirt with only a different color is not “something never done before”. It’s just a theme variation. Since there’s nothing much more to find out, all the brands fight a “war” to say “I’m better than you”. It’s not about the quality of the product anymore, but it’s more about the media exposure.

Media Exposure to conquer us!

The more people talk about something, be “better” the brand is. Think about Louis Vuitton. Louis Vuitton is a brand famous for all kind of bags. There are also other companies that create bags, but the “LV” is the best one. Why? Because of the product itself? Maybe. It’s mainly because of the media exposure. Between Fashion blogger, influencers and celebrity the amount of women who have a Louis Vuitton is enormous. So, people think that the “LV” is “the key to success”, because lot of famous people have a least one of those bags! We associate the bag with the experience of success. The funny thing is that those two things have nothing in common, but we thing the complete opposite.

You can apply this example to all the entire fashion industry. Think about “Nike Jordan”, “Gucci, “Versace” or “Ray-Ban”. They are better because lot of people have this products. It’s not only about quality and innovation anymore. It’s about quantity: the more, the better!

Is it worthy to follow fashion?

That’s a personal question. I can’t speak for everyone. What might be good for you it might be not good for me and vice versa. However, the question is: is it worthy to spend a lot of money for clothes that last only one year? In my opinion, yes and no. I mean, i am poor, so i can’t afford those kind of clothes. But, if i had the money, i would spend something to buy some “Ray-Ban” sunglasses, “Nike” Shoes or “Gucci” clothes.

But i would not do that every single year. I’m sorry, i could be rich, but i am not so stupid. If i look good with that t-shirt this year, i will still look good the following year. Just because fashion moves so fast, doesn’t mean that i have to keep up the pace. The only reason why i don’t look good anymore is because i am fatter than the previous year. Not because a company tells me that i don’t look with those clothes anymore.

My Idea of Fashion!

I love fancy stuff. My sister says often that when it’s about fashion, i can become a woman. I don’t know if i have to feel flattered or very mad. I am quite not sure. As i said, if i had money i would spend a lot of them in fashion. I would buy some expensive clothes, but i also buy things you can find on H&M or this kind of shops. I don’t care actually of the brand too much. If something looks nice, it’s all fine to me. For sure i would never follow the trend and i would never try to keep up with the speed this industry has. Too much effort, too much money. I rather do something different than get crazy to buy the new jeans or shoes.


Is it right to follow trend in fashion? Well, it’s for me important to know what popular or trendy. In this way i know why i will see people dress in certain way. But i find very hard to say “oh, since now onwards, i will follow the trends, no matter what!” It doesn’t make sense. I watch the trends and i will think about them. If i see something great, i will buy it. Otherwise don’t!

And you? Do you follow the trend or you buy only what you like?

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10 thoughts on “Fashion: Is It Right To Be Trendy?

  1. You are overthinking this, Mauro. Perhaps this will help ….

    “Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day, But They Were Laying Bricks Every Hour.” John Heywood

    In simple terms, this means that it can take a long time to do something properly. The more you look at your statistics, the more they cause you problems. So the more straightforward answer is to STOP focusing on your numbers and only work on creating content to be read.

    Years ago, a blogger told me this, and it works to be true. Out of every ten followers you have, the following % prove true … 30-40% will be reading your content, and the rest will not.

    As your blog grows, your reputation grows, and your figures increase slightly. So for every ten followers, probably only 3-4 are reading your content. BUT the actual interaction % is lower. It might only be 2 of the 3-4 are reading your content regularly.

    Create content, my friend; lower your expectations for your statistics as at this stage they are unimportant. You have been blogging for three months. Welcome to the real world of blogging.

    Things take time.

    1. You are right. However it’s hard not to take a look on numbers. I do focus myself on creating good content every time, but sometimes my brain tells me “look how many people have read it and how many of them have interact!” I know that maybe it’s a little bit “stupid”, but i harder to ignore numbers.
      This is for sure a weakness i have and i have to work on.
      I am really glad that in internet there are people like you!

      1. it’s not a weakness it’s a learning curve. WE HAVE ALL been where you are Mauro, all of us. πŸ™‚

        We just learn to ignore as best as we can, because if we don’t it’ll drive you insane. You like to write. You have an opinion. You like to share that opinion through your writing and that is your passion.

        So, it’s easy write for passion and the rest will follow naturally. πŸ™‚

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