Data: The Most Precious Good!

If you think that Money or natural resources are the most precious good in this world, you are wrong and you mentality is very old. If you think that buying houses are the best investment a company can do, you are completely wrong again. As you can see from the headline, the most precious things are now those, you can’t touch! One of those things are the DATA.

What is a DATA?

Data is every single information you have in internet. Because every time you do something on internet, the website knows it and it collect data. Have you ever heard something about Cookies? No, I’m not talking about something you can eat. Cookies are information you send to a website every time you surf into it. Every single website you visit works with cookies. Basically, from the very moment you enter in a website until you leave it, you are tracked. Website will know where your computer or device is and all your preferences. Why are cookies so important?

Google makes millions!

How do you think Google has become so big? Google is THE BIGGEST SITE ON INTERNET. Billions of sites, user and an unimaginable amount of data. This is probably the biggest data sources out there. Every single user is a huge amount of data. Between birth dates, birthplaces, likes, comments and shared posts there is every single kind of data Google needs to make millions. How? Well, “selling” this data? To be clear, he doesn’t physically sell any kind of data directly. It would be illegal. He uses all the data and profile he is collecting to invite advertisers to invest in Google. And advertisers are ready to pay millions to have just one post on Google. Why? Well, there are two big reasons behind it!

Data: The More, the Better!

Google has hundreds of million, or even billion, of users. Every single person in this world has used, use or will use Google in his life. It’s even bigger the traffic on that search engine. Yes, Bing is pretty used, but Google is by far the most common search engine out there. In Germany is also a verb to describe the action to look for something in internet. There’s no fight between Google and the competition. Actually, there’s no competition. The better part is that this huge amount of people are daily active, sometimes for a long period. This is the perfect place to try to find new potential buyers for your customers. Of course Google knows exactly how powerful it is and demand a huge amount of money to every single brand.

With Data you have The Perfect Advertising campaign EVER!

Have you visited three different Websites and you have the same advertising in all those three sites? It’s not a random thing. It’s designed to be like that! How? Well, as i said you are tracked. So, Google knows exactly what you look and what you need, based on your research and activity on internet! Have you bought something? Have you visited several site of the same topic? Perfect! Google will know it and it will show you exactly that!

This is the amazing part! Advertisers don’t need to do anything. They prepared what Google needs, they pay the Search Engine and then they need to wait the results. Google takes care of the rest. There’s a reason why Google is worthy billions of dollars. Google is basically a huge magnet for advertisers, because there’s nothing quite like Google. Nothing! And this little games work also with sites who have prepared specific places for advertisers, outside from Google.

The More Data, the More Powerful!

This is the key. In the 21st Century everything turns around data. The more data a site is able to collect, the more attractive is this website for advertisers. There’s a reason why big site or blogger earn often hundreds of thousand of dollars in advertising. Just because they have a huge traffic. And the bigger the traffic, the more data you are able to collect, the more powerful you are and more money you can earn. Working with the Data is so freaking awesome! This is also why Facebook and Instagram are so loved my companies. They set the budget and the duration. The social media then will take care to put the advertising to the right accounts, because social media track every single profile through cookies!

Data are also a huge source for criminals. In the beginning it was money, then it was weapons. There are still thieves and dealer out there. But the big income is with DATA. Think about when Facebook had those problem where someone stole data from 50 millions account. I am pretty sure that those data were sold in the black market. And i am sure that the money people will make with those stolen data will be absolutely enormous.


There are still the traditional way to make money. However, if you have a website and you have a certain amount of data collected, you can actually start to think to sell some advertising space on your website and invite advertisers to put money into your business. For you will be a lot of money and for the companies will be a new potential market. Think about it!

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