Gold Digger: Are All Women Like That?

She take my money well I’m in need
Yeah, she’s a triflin’ friend indeed
Oh, she’s a gold digger
Way over town that digs on me

Gold Digger – Kanye West feat. Jamie Foxx (Late Registration, 2005)

I was listening this song for maybe the one million times in my life, when the monkey in my head woke up and started to tell me: “Damn, those rappers are right! All women are like that!”. I was shocked about that! I have never thought something so horrible! But my brain started to think: “are all women gold diggers for real?” Well, just let’s talk about it!

What’s a Gold Digger?

What’s a gold digger? Or, to be correct, Who’s a gold digger? Well, Wikipedia, as usual, will help me to give you a right definition of who’s a gold digger really is:

A gold digger is a term for a person, typically a woman, who engages in a type of transactional relationship for money rather than love. If it turns into marriage, it is a type of marriage of convenience.

A woman is a “gold digger” when she meets a man and she uses all his money to live on a very high standards. With that being said, there are two condition that define a woman a “gold digger”: she doesn’t work and she pretends to be rich with someone else’s money. In this specific condition, love has no place in this woman’s brain and heart. She’s a cold-blooded B**ch, who uses men as long as she needs them. Once the man loses his utility, she will throw him out like a garbage…after having taken lot of money from him, or course. I am pretty sure that this woman doesn’t know what love really means. For her money and appearance are the only thing that matter.

I am well aware that this women are despicable and are only a little tiny fraction of the entire female population in this world. However, the question still be the same: are women all gold diggers somehow?

What does a woman look for in love?

Women need feelings. That’s for sure. If they want to build something serious, they need to be emotionally connected to the men. This is why for lot of women is very complicated to be in a stable relationship sometimes. Maybe they find a good guy who, in the end, is an a**hole. It doesn’t really matter where you live, if you ask a woman what’s important in a relationship, she will tell you three thing:
-mentally and physically connection;

Those three things must be there. Otherwise there’s no relationship whatsoever. Maybe she can have some good sex with the men, but not a love relationship. Until now, i haven’t said anything about money. So, women are not gold digger after all! Well, now thing get interesting. What about money? Are money important for a woman?

How about money?

Are money important for a woman? Well, absolutely yes. No freaking doubt about it! I don’t want to say that money are necessary for her, but for sure the richer the men, the better it is. In real life, i have never seen a woman who marries a homeless, for example! Only in movies you can see this kind of magic. So, technically are all the women a little bit Gold Diggers inside? Well, They are not beings were money is the only things in the world. But, for sure between a rich and a poor men the rich men is the first choice. I’m not saying that it’s wrong what they do and how they think! Being pragmatic is not a crime. But, for some weird reason, the older the woman gets, the more important money become. But why’s that?

Women and “gold Digger”: instinct and work!

There’s two reason in my opinion why women look for both love and money.

Women are historical “Gold Diggers”.

One of the main reason why women are attracted by rich men is the mentality a woman had in the past. In the past, women had only one job: find the rich man and stay home to take care of the family. Because the men HAD THE DUTY to provide food, a home and the necessary money to live. In my opinion, it’s a very horrible and sexist way to see society and genders, but it’s the past and we can do nothing to change it. Even if women now demanding equality and the same opportunity, the mentality of the “men has to take care of me” is still there. Not for all the women, but for a big part of them it’s still there.

I am living example. I am without a job, and i am not rich at all. If i wanted to find a woman, i would have very hard time, because women demands a man with a job or some kind of financial stability. They don’t like poor men. Because men have to take care for the house and family. Even if the society is changing, this old mentality is still there. On the contrary, if i had plenty of money, i would have a huge line outside my front door. Well, not exactly, but i would have much less hard time to have an opportunity to have a relationship with a woman.

Job forces women to act like a “Gold Digger”

As i said, society doesn’t treat men and women in the same way. We all know that. And at work the situation is pretty embarrassing. The gap between men and woman is big. Especially when we talk about money. Women earn less than men. This is a fact. No matter where, women earn less than men. For women is sometimes very hard to be independent with the money they have. So, they have two choices: either they have a parallel activity or they find a man.

Since a second job is a pretty hard task, women try to find a man to “use his money” to get her hands to things otherwise impossible to have. I think of expensive gift, a house or a baby for example. Maybe the gift are not a priority for some women, but for sure a house and a family are. Especially if the women is starting to get old. It is what it is. With two income sources, women can finally buy the home they always wanted, because the men’s income it’s high enough to pay the home loan and live decently.


I don’t like women who look for money in a relationship. I really don’t. It’s so freaking materialistic. Money come and go. In a relationship feelings, respect and loyalty are way much more important than some green. How rich is the men should have nothing to do with love. Money can be earned working hard. Richness should not be a condition to have a happy relationship! But i am just a dreamer and women need financial stability….his financial stability.

Can we change things? Yes. How? We should pay women more and give them REAL OPPORTUNITY to become rich EVERYWHERE. Once we do that, women will stop to look for money in a man, because they would have money themselves.

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