Digital Sex Workers: Who Are They?

All around sex is not something wise to talk about. Both because people don’t like those content (i don’t know why!) and because those contents don’t pay. Well, advertisers don’t want to invest money in those kind of contents…but that’s another story. Sex workers…have you heard about it? Do you have any idea about it? No? Nice! I am here also for this reason. Let’s get started!

What in the red hell are Sex Workers?

A sex worker is a person who earn money through sexual performances and contents. And here is the very first mistake people do. Often we think of prostitute as the only sex workers. Well, it’s WAY much bigger than that. Now i would love to talk about the “digital sex workers”. If this post gets well, i will talk about the “real life sex worker” (even if i am not quite sure i can call them in this way)

Sex Workers are not a Pornstar.

For a successful digital sex worker there’s actually only one way to be at the very top: being in control of the contents. There is a big problem in every single industry: performers are not in control. If you watch some adult content (video or photoshoot), you see the model and the logo of the brand. The model or performer is paid a certain amount of money, but it will never be 100% of the entire money that video or photoshoot can make.

More than that, all those people in front of the camera are not in control of what they do. Think about Taylor Swift. In the past she tried to buy the ownership of all her production, because she was not in control of it. The same happens in the adult industry. Model pose, performers act, but they are not in control of the final product. This is the big difference between an actor for Brazzers or a model for Playboy and a digital sex worker.

Video and Pictures.

Digital Sex Workers are perfectly in control with their product. They decided when to shoot, what to shoot and who to shoot with. More importantly, they earn 100% from their production. If a sex worker decide to post a photoshoot, this person can decide to post it for free or let people pay to see that content. He or she can decide what to do with the entire production.

Being so in control allow the performers to create personal stuff. For example, they can create “custom-made videos” for those who are able to pay the necessary amount of money. The “client” decide what to have and the performers will do exactly what the buyer wants.

If you think about it, that’s actually incredible. Why? Because now men and woman in the business can define themselves with what they do. They are not forced anymore to shoot with huge companies to earn money. What they need is just a profile in specific site and start to earn money.

Freedom and Creativity.

Sex Workers have also another huge advantage: they are free. If a woman is not exactly super fit, she can be herself and pose, showing proudly her body. And she can be sure that there are men who will love what she offers. It can also happen that there are people, who love only specific things, but the big brands don’t do this stuff. Where’s the problem? Open an account on OnlyFans, on Pornhub and see the magic! There’s no limitation of thing you can’t do. You have your own profile and you are in control of it! The only thing you have to do is just to show who you are and what you love the most. More is not required.


Digital Sex Workers are not to confused with prostitutes. Prostitution is sex in exchange for money and often there are not a law to protected the workers. Digital Sex Workers are people, who are comfortable with their body in front or a camera, they look good and they want to make money from it. Digital Sex Working is not prostitution. Think about them as a huge Market. There are different shops (The Digital Sex Workers’ accounts) with a specific offer. You can decide who to follow and who you want to invest in. None of those performers are on the street, waiting for a client or somewhere having sex with some businessmen. It doesn’t work like that! There are sets, cameras, lights, people behind the scene, editors and sometimes a management. Please, don’t be so shallow to use the word “Digital sex Worker” for prostitution. There re two different universe.


I am happy that digital sex workers are here. Finally people, who want to make money with their body, are able to do that! This world is a mess, and we know that! But for once, we have the opportunity that it is going in the right direction!

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