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In this exact moment i am writing this post i have 77 followers. I have started in the middle of November 2021. Which means that in 3 months i have this trend: 20 followers every months. I have no idea if this number is good, bad or on average. I have absolutely no clue. However, i see blogger as big as myself who are gaining 40 or 50 followers every months. I’m starting to think: what am i doing wrong?

Weird Question in my head!

Things are moving a little bit too slow for my taste. I mean, i knew that i would have had “problem” in gaining followers in the beginning, but i didn’t know exactly how hard might be to convince people reading what i have got to say. There are people who write literally 50 words and have 200 likes, 50 comments and 50 followers. I try to write some good post and i have a huge problem to reach 10 likes and a comments once in a while. Which means that should i write less words? But how can you talk about some topics with only few words? Sometimes it’s impossible.

Maybe it’s the fact that i suck in blogging. I mean, maybe i overrated myself and my ability to communicate with people. Maybe i am not that great when i have to express my thoughts.

Or i have to focus myself with only one topic. The only problem i have with that is that i find very boring a blog with only one topic. Also my brain would not be in the position to work properly if i should talk about only one topic. I know that with more topics i “waste” my energy and content, but what can i say? If i had to talk about only one topic, i would stop blogging in few weeks.

“Is ti perhaps the fact that i am stupid?” I think to be smart myself and to know things. In the end, it may be quite the opposite. Maybe i don’t know absolutely anything and i live in a Fantasyland, where i see myself like a very smart person, when in truth i am the village’s idiot. I have no idea, because no one wants to interact with my content.

Are also my Followers Ghosting me?

I have 77 followers. For weird reason, only 25, maybe 30 people read my content. Which means that 50% of my follower either don’t see my content or they don’t care at all of what i write. In the first case is a problem that WordPress needs to fix. In the second case it’s only sad that people follow and don’t interact. The “funny” part is that maybe people start to follow me, they are active for a while and they disappear. Why? Why do people don’t like me all of a sudden? Because i know that almost all of my followers are around WordPress daily and they interact with other people. But not with me. If only had feedback, i would know why i am not so worthy the time to read and i would maybe change. In this specific situation i have absolutely no idea what’s going on.

I love writing and communicate, but if nobody’s listening, why am i here for? If i had to talk with anybody, i would talk with my wall. Luckily i have part of my “community” that is loyal and interact with my content, but the big part, they follow me and then the forget about my existence. Am i so a big jerk? Am i so talentless? Let me know, please!

I’m invisible for new potential followers?

I thought that the WordPress community is a healthy and active one. And it is…for the others. For me it’s look like the Sahara desert. It seems that people love everyone except me. I see so many blogger with 200 or 300 follower and a huge interaction. And what those bloggers write is as good as my content. So, why they are worthier than me? What’s the difference?

In this moment, i have no clue. It can be everything. I tried to figure it out, but i don’t know even where to begin. Maybe i am a little bit blind and i don’t see the obvious. I don’t know. One thing is for sure: if i don’t follow first, i am not followed back. And it’s kinda sad. Because follow must not be something in exchange for something. I follow people because i like them, not because i demand a follow back.

I have the weird feeling that nobody trust me. It seems that i am good, but i am maybe a little bit too aggressive or not enough politically correct to earn your trust.


In this moment i grope in the dark. And i have no idea how to get out from this situation. If you read this post, can you please me if i am doing something wrong? I need your feedback and i would really appreciate if you were honest with me and told me what i am doing wrong!

Thank you!

See ya


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5 thoughts on “Followers: We Need To Talk!

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    salsaworldtraveler says:

    What makes you think you are doing something wrong? I had two followers after three months. Keep up the good work.

  2. I did write a comment here for you Mauro, but it appears to have been swallowed. Look at the above commenter. in basic terms stop pannicking over numbers, just write because you enjoy to write.

  3. You’re not doing anything wrong that I can see. I agree with you. It’s hard to get followers and it’s really disheartening when you wrote a great post and it seems no one has read it. I would just take comfort in knowing that just because people don’t like a post, it’s not because they haven’t read and enjoyed it. Not everyone ‘likes’ things. You just have to keep going and be patient. You’re doing really well. Just remember it’s only been a few months ☺️☺️

    1. Oh, thank you so much for your feedback! II’m agree with you that people don’t leave a like, althoug they have enjoyed what they have read. But, in my opinion, clicking a botton is not that hard, right?
      I know that it’s only few months, but some days i think “is there anyone here?” because all the people i follow are inside a “community” and often i have the feeling i am left outside it. I don’t know if you get what i’m saying, because it’s hard for me to explain it.
      I love blogging and i will keep going becaue i love sharing things, but it’s a little bi frustrating not to see sometimes any kind of appreciation, you know?!

      However, thank for passing by! I appreciate that!

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