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Few times ago i wrote about “what a man looks in a woman”. If you want to read that post, i leave it to you right here. Now, i want to see the bigger picture and see what the society looks in a woman. Are there still standards of beauty? Writing this post, i was sure to know the answer. After it, i am not sure about it! Trust me, there are the high chances that you might be surprised.

The Standard of Beauty!

In every single age in our history, women needed to follow rules to be considered beautiful and have a chance to have a family. For example, in the ancient Rome and Greece, women must be “curvy“, because it was synonymous of fertility. A couple of millennium later, in the beginning of the 20th Century, women must be pale and “flat” as possible. Because it was sexy to have women with no breast basically. Then in the 50s came the “Pine-Up Girls” and then, since the 60s, came Playboy and in the 80s pornography. For every single time, there were rules and often rules changed. My question in this post is the following one: What about now? Are there still rules for women? More importantly, are still women playing this little game?

“Love Yourself First”

Talking about rules to be followed, i am not actually so sure if there are still some rules out there. Looking around me, i haven’t found them. Not physically at least. Because is there are rules about how a body must look like, those rules are very poor and there’s no control whatsoever. On the other side, morally there are still tons of rules. But physically i am not sure. Aren’t you agree with me? Are you thinking that i live in a Fantasyland? Well, take a look around you. Every single place where there are female body involved, you can see a huge variety of looks. There are curvy or thin, small or tall, white and black or latina and Asian models. Every single woman has the opportunity to shine and prove the world that they are all beautiful. It’s not be living in another universe, it’s about your blindness.

There’s actually no standard in “size” anymore. In the past women needed a certain size to be considered beautiful. Now, the key is to be proud of your body and not be scared to show it. No matter of the size of your breast, back, legs, or if you have cute feet. It doesn’t really matter. The motto right now is “loving yourself” and show your truly nature. Who cares what men say!

Men become useless

Until ten years ago, women were “worried” to look cute to be accepted. In addition to that, men decide to rules of the game. A sick game, if you ask me! Now, women have realized something crucial: men has no idea what they want. Well, technically it’s not true what i have just said. Because men wants all, all together! If a woman follows this philosophy, her life becomes a living hell. There’s no way to please a man, who doesn’t know what he wants a he’s always ready to criticize everything.

Now women say “You know what, little man? I don’t play you sick game anymore! This is who i am, you like it or not! deal with it!” Since women started this philosophy you have now a huge variety of bodies, faces and personalities. There has never been so much “choice”. Now every woman is unique, both physically and mentally. I think is a huge think, because looking all the same is boring!

Every beauty concept is gone!

In the 12st century saying something like “beauty standards” is stupid. Because every single rule is gone and destroyed forever. A man is no more allowed to say ANYTHING to the woman about her body. If he only tries to say something, women around him will start a huge fight. Men have to accept women for what they are and be happy for it.

If you don’t believe me, look around you. Take a look fo all the women who are having success, even if they are not “perfect”. Those same ladies, 20 years ago, would have had no chance to shine. Right now, they make a lot of money!


Saying, in this moment in time, that there’s a beauty standard is like saying that unicorns exist. This is not real. More than that, it’s pretty offensive and humiliating to women. Women are perfect who they are. You might not like them, is a natural thing, but their uniqueness is the proof they are perfects! We should encourage this trend and make sure that women can feel comfortable with their body ALL THE TIME!

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