Valentine’s Day: The Day Of Love?

On February 14th the sky becomes more blue, the sun becomes lighter, the air smells of love and good feelings are all around you. Finally, for all the couples, their days has come! Valentine’s day is here and all the lovers all around the world can show their love to the entire universe. In internet in this specific day, you will find hearts everywhere, red on everything and people kissing each other in the most possible romantic places. Last, but not the least, the hashtag #ValentinesDay will be on trend on social media all day long. Can we say that Valentine’s day is the weirdest day of the year?

What is Valentine’s day?

It’s a day where couples share and show their love to the entire world. As a single man, this is by far the funniest day of the year. Because i think of three different things: the couple itself, the men and the women. When February 1st comes, i start to prepare myself for one single day, because the fun i have on February 14th is absolutely amazing! I sit on my couch, i prepare my pop-corn and i start my freaking fun!

Valentine’s day for couples!

Couples look all the same on Valentine’s Day. They post pictures on social media where they are together, kissing, cuddling and smiling like crazy. It doesn’t matter if they are together since 30 years or two months, all the couples act like they are the “BEST COUPLE EVER”, even if their love is “fake”! (it happens often) It looks like a race. All the couple need to show that they are more in love than the others.

And what they show is absolutely insane! Balloons, flowers everywhere, cuteness all over the place and kisses like no tomorrow. It’s fascinating to see how couple sometimes can be so conceited. What’s even funnier is that my brain doesn’t see the love, but it thinks something like: “five months and they break up!” I know, i am a little bit too much cynical, but this is my idea: the more a couple shows the love, the less they are gonna last.

For me that day is the day where i stay home and try not to breath. Not because i want to end my life, but because i don’t want to breath love in my body. In my life the last thing i want is to think of another human being, especially if this human being is a woman. Too much things to remember, too much time consuming and women are beings that need attention….something i can give right now!

Valentine’s day is a nightmare for a man!

Poor men! Well…if you are in a relationship, you chose to be miserable on Valentine’s day! I don’t feel compassion for you, pale! You choose to give up on love and now you have to pay the consequences. For lot of men this day is a nightmare. They only want to stay home and disappear for the entire day, but they can’t!

Maybe because they live together with a woman or she calls him in the morning, already with that disturbing and good mood. For us there’s no way to avoid Valentine’s Day. If we are in a relationship, we have to take a deep breath and get through it. We have to fake the fact that we are gentlemen and we have to make A LOT OF PICTURES, because often women need to celebrate with the entire world the love the couple has…although this kind of love is only in the woman’s mind.

Men are almost always “forced” to make a reservation in a restaurant (the fancier, the better), they have to think of gift and they have to act like gentlemen. And honestly i have no idea why! It’s very awful that men has to “change” the way they act, just because it’s Valentine’s Day. It doesn’t make any kind of sense. Only just because sometimes women has this idea of “romantic love”, where they need to witness what they see in those romantic movies. For a woman, it can be a very crappy relationship, but everything can be “forgotten” at February 14th.

Valentine’s day is a dream for a Woman!

For them is the day of love. There’s nothing more to say about it. Women are so freaking happy when Valentine’s day comes. The LOVE a woman feels in this day is absolutely ridiculous. They have sometimes huge expectation. They want sometimes gifts, to celebrate love and spend the day with their partner in the most romantic way possible. Love and romance. It’s the key on Valentine’s day. Let me tell you something. Love and romance is impossible for a man. There are very, very few men who are romantic. I am not, for example. And you partner is not as well! We don’t like romance. Men don’t know what romance means. We are pragmatic: we want to spend time with the woman we love, but we don’t want to act like stupid. More thant that, we don’t want to spend too much money on this day.

What’s the sad reality?

Reality is that women expect always a little bit too much. Men are often cave men. We don’t do what we do on Valentine’s Day, just because we love our woman. Well, not only! We do it because we want to have sex after the dinner. For that reason we are so cute, nice and kind. Because, at the end of the night, Women must be happy, so they can open the legs when the moment comes.

Is it sad? Yes. But men don’t care about Valentine’s Day. For men is just another day. What women feel on Valentine’s day is only in a man’s mind. In a man’s mind, February 14th a normal day where they have to work. Nothing more, nothing less. For men is an additional source of stress to think of what to do in just one day. We want to chill, not destroy our brain and wallet.


In my opinion, Valentine’s Day must disappear. It doesn’t make any sense to celebrate love in only one day, when the rest of the year is full of pain and disappointment. More than that, everyone knows that men are so kind and romantic only because they want to have sex. Valentine’s Day without sex is for a man something unthinkable. All the chocolate, roses and cuteness is to make sure that women can do the nasty after the dinner.

Do you really want to celebrate love? Do it from January 1st and December 31st!

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