I Have Absolutely No Idea In My Head!

Today i woke up completely drained. For whatever reason, in my head i have no good ideas to share with you. In this exact moment i could stop writing things, because everything i will say might be stupid. However, i thing that it might be pretty interesting to tell you how i deal with those moments. Because i know you have the exact same problem!

Open WordPress and my head feels weird

Like every morning, i turn on my computer and open WordPress. I take a quick look to my statistic and notifications and. after i checked everything, i start to write my next post. Or at least i try to. In 99% of the cases, i write down an idea, i develop it until it becomes the idea i had in mind in the first place. This process is pretty flawless and it doesn’t take too much effort. I need time for that, but not so much energy.

For some weird reason, it happens that sometimes my mind refuses to work. Oh, there’s no way on Earth i can convince it to play with me. Nope! So, in those moment, i look my white screen and i have no idea what to write. Suddenly i lost my ability and love to write. Don’t get me wrong, i would have lot of ideas, but i can’t write a single word. I physically can! My very soul feels bad, sad and lost all of a sudden. I have no idea what to do!

Panic and crying while My head gets upset!

My body works in a pretty stupid way. As soon as i want to do something, but i can’t, my body starts to signal its disgust with panic attacks. There a huge conflicts in those moments: on one side there’s me why wants desperate to write something, on the other side my brain that doesn’t. It starts a freaking war between me and my brain, where i try to convince that stupid organ to work and stop acting like a little bitch. Useless to say that my brain always wins….especially considering the fact that to try to convince my brain to work, i start to insult it all day long. The more time i spend talking to my head, the more i get mad and the more i insult it. With the results that i move backwards instead of forward. It’s a messed-up situation.

So, being aware that i will never write anything that day, i start to cry. I put myself in a corner and start to cry, thinking of all the bad decision i take in my life. I feel like being in a black hole with no way out! Actually i don’t feel bad at all…i just try to make my brain feel guilty, without any kind of success, of course. And my brain, knowing that i pretend to me miserable, doesn’t do anything to help me. it stays there, because for it pride is more important than working together.

I do something different.

Insulting my brain and pretending to feel bad as tactics, to move things a little bit, don’t work. They just don’t. So, i do the only reasonable thing i can do: i quit blogging. At least for the day. I do something else. Maybe i watch YouTube i do puzzles or i read something. Anyway, i do something different than blogging. I would love to write thing and develop new idea, but when my body refuses to do anything, i can do nothing about it! The only think i can do is just follow the flow and see what happens!

Even if i find very hard to admit, and we fight a lot, i think that my brain is great. Without it, i would be in big trouble. It helps me to get the job done when i have a lot of ideas, but also it helps me to stop and take a little break. The breaks are never so long. Maybe just a couple of hours or an entire afternoon. My brain needs just few hours to recharge and be ready to work again for weeks. As a content creators i don’t like that, but i have to follow what my mind says!


If you are sometimes in my same situation, where you can’t post anything, just leave it. Don’t force your body to do what it doesn’t want to. It’s stupid for two reason: you will never win and you will not work efficiently. And the more you fight the situation, the harder the frustration inside you will be. Do you want to do something wise? Just close the computer, and do something else. It’s not wasting your time, it’s like recharging the battery to be ready again! We all need some rest one in a while.

See ya


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7 thoughts on “I Have Absolutely No Idea In My Head!

  1. I never run out of ideas or content. Sometimes you can simply recycle content. There was a time when l was writing 12 articles a day, that was back in 2018. By 2019, l had slowed down to three posts a day, then l started to really slow my pace and not because l had run out of ideas, but because l wanted to really refine and define the GUY blog. Now l write ten posts a week, but 75% of that is reviewed, rewritten and recycled content.

    There is always something to write about. If you are lacking in inspiration, you could look at prompts or if that arena isn’t your thing then consider introducing a daily post that forms part of a series.

    1. Hey, how are you? Thank for passing by!
      Answering to your comment:
      I will never recycle my content. It’s not good for me! Every post must be different. Otherwise i would re-post one single post over and over again. It’s not fair.
      To be honest, there’s not so much to write about. Yes, topics are a lot, but most of them are for me useless, because i don’t know anything about it. I can teach myself and learn, but in the meantime? I would still have no idea. That’s my problem. I have to find the perfect balance between being consistance and never run out of ideas. It’s not easy!

      1. Hey Mauro,

        My recycled content is from 2019 and 2019. I don’t recycle content every year; l review older content as said 2- 3 years of age because when l first wrote something, l was a different person to the person l am now. In truth, some of the content l am recycling was written in 2015; therefore, now seven years of age and l am 7 years older, so have l changed from that person in 2015? Yes, of course, that’s almost a decade of age.

        Your blog is too young, too new to recycle older content just yet, but are you saying that you have had ideas and that you didn’t have several takes on it? You could write one way about Blogging Statistics and write a different version of it from another viewpoint a week later, no?

        Another way to keep your inspiration going is to not write so much in one day. So you currently write two posts per day. Reduce that to once. Maybe you might say, do l need to register every day, or can l perhaps write once every two days?

        My schedule is as follows: l recently tweaked this to suit my other life responsibilities. I don’t spend all day socialising and reading and commenting on my blog. I am currently working on two writing projects and a new business concept and living my life.

        Content is published daily from Monday to Sunday.

        The days of Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday old poetry initially crafted in 2011 is published to the blog. It doesn’t hurt to show older poetry and stories because readers today may not have been with you when you first began your blog, so all you are doing is redisplaying older content to show your range.

        The Days of Monday, Thursday and Sunday have two more in-depth content posted to the blog – be this stories, reality or questions.

        However, l write several different series; therefore, l never run out of content to write about anyway. You tend to write more topical content, so is this your preferred niche orientation? If so, you need to either alter your writing schedule so you are always inspired and don’t burn out of content creation ideas, or maybe you need to redefine your content so that you are always on a roll with ideas?

  2. I think we all have days where we can’t think of anything to write or just aren’t in the right headspace to write. Like you said the best thing to do in those moments is to stop and take a break.

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