Instagram: The Fake Industry

Instagram is by far the most used social media on Earth. There are billions of active accounts that daily use this App. And the reasons why people are on Instagram are countless. It can be for a personal joy, for work, for business. Like countless are the content you can find. However, lot of time people say not believe what Instagram offers, because it’s fake. Is it really fake? Why is all fake? Let’s get a little bit deeper.

The Key to Success on Instagram!

Before to say anything, it’s better to remember how you get famous on social media. And we all know already the answer: creating the biggest community you can possibly create. There’s nothing new in this. Now i have another question: how do you get famous on social media? Well, people must love what you do. Then, comes the third question: Why do people love something? Because it’s exactly what they want. So, to reach the celebrity status, you have to offer what people want. Right here we have the very first BIG PROBLEM.

hypocrisy on Instagram!

That’s the very first big problem. People on Instagram, especially the so called “influencer” are hypocrite. How? Well, as i said, they offer what you want to reach their goal. Lot of the time, however, what they offer is completely different from who they are. Maybe the cutest people act like the worst jerks or the worst jerks act like the nicest people. Where’s the problem?

Well, the problem is in all their motivational speech that sometimes try to do, failing miserably. Words like “be yourself”, “express yourself”, or “who cares what the people think!” are very common between the influencer. Sadly, most of those superstar are liars, because they don’t do what they preach. You can’t tell me to “be myself” when you act like someone else! This is stupid! For that reason, people in Instagram are often criticized. They are not real, but they pretend to be real, but being someone else. I will never believe them!

Picture are NOT REAL On Instagram!

This is something we already know. Almost none of the picture on Instagram are real. Between lights, editing and cosmetics, the “supermodel” we see on Instagram are not like that in the real life. Some of them has cellulite, stretch marks or any other little skin imperfection. Trust me, those women are far away from being perfect! With the right Make-Up, the right light, a good photographer and the right editors, you can become a goddess, when in truth you are only a ugly witch. If you look in internet you can easily find picture from superstars with and without make-up. More than that, there are paparazzi picture, where men and women are immortalizes for what they truly are: human being with all their imperfections. Imperfection that often are deleted or hidden. Then, people believe in that kind of fake perfection and start a sick fight to reach impossible goals.

All the behaviors are often absolutely fake!

How many times superstars say “oh, try this product! I did and i am crazy in love with it!” Well, believe me when i say that 95% of the people have never tried that product. Sometimes they have even no idea what they are selling. Or maybe they did, because someone told them what it is, and they believe in it. Only few people are actually honest and have tried what they are selling. The problem is that you have no idea who is a good influencer and who is not. Maybe who you think is a good person, maybe is not and vice versa.

Also what people say is not actually that real. There are often groups of influencer that say “oh, we are a family!”, “we are more like brothers and sisters” when in truth they hate each other and they are together only for money.


Please, don’t believe in what you see in Instagram. Instagram is a stupid social media. It’s almost all fake, built with the only goal to give you the idea that what you see is real. Have fun with Instagram, see what you have to see, but keep in mind that almost everything you see is not real!

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