Collaboration: I am Open For It!

I opened my Blog in November. In this three months i wrote a lot and very often (like twice a day), i tried to improved both my writing skills and my ability to write in English, and i tried to connect with people as much as i could through comments and likes. Now i would love to make the next step. I would love to work with other bloggers. Yes, i would love to have a collaboration with all of you! I think that there’s no other better way to be better than working with other wonderful people who love what i love.

Collaboration as a growth opportunity!

When i started my journey in the blogging i wanted to try to see how far i could go alone. I am doing pretty good, but i have this constant feeling that something is missing. For some weird reason, i feel here a little bit alone, even if i am not alone, because i have my community! Don’t get me wrong, i have a wonderful group of people that support me and often interact with my content. However, no matter how hard i work and interact, i have always this feeling with me.

My goal with working with other!

I would love so bad to talk with other content creator, sharing ideas and produce something unique for the blogging community. We all deserve to read something great, created by very talented and creative minds. I would also love to improve myself. This is basically the very big reason why i have opened my personal place in internet. Alone i can’t do that.

I can read as much as i want, but it’s not the same. I can grow, but not as much as i wish. The only way i have got to be better is to share my opinion with other people and see if my thoughts are good or bad. With only a healthy conversation with other i can be a better person. Without this change of opinions i will be always in the same place and i will see the world in the same way. I don’t want that!

Collaboration as a way to talk about everything!

If you are interested in working with me, we can talk about everything. Of course there are things i know well, other i don’t know so well and other i have no idea. But this is the amazing part of collaboration. I want to be challenged. I want to meet people who talk about things i have no idea of and challenge myself to offer the best possible content ever. Even if i am not an expert in this field. It would be so cool to live this kind of challenges. I am open of everything. It can be fashion, sport, health, politics, engineering. If you like my style and you love to collaborate, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

How To Contact me!

You can contact me with a comment below or on Instagram with a direct. I really look forward to have the pleasure and the privilege to work with you! It gonna be so much fun!

See ya


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