OnlyFans: Is It A good Thing?

Do you Know OnlyFans? Probably you have heard or read somewhere in the magazine or newspaper. if the word and the meaning are new for you, either you live under a rock or you don’t care at all of all this stuff. In those two cases, i would be jealous. Anyway, if you don’t know nothing about OnlyFans, and you are curios, just keep reading, because things are about to get spicy.

OnlyFans: Where Everything Started!

I have already talked about adult industry. Especially about the “danger” and the “moral side” of the story. Now, i would love to talk about something that come to my mind recently. I was watching an Italian podcast on YouTube and the guest was an Italian adult content creators. And they talked about OnlyFans. It was a very interesting interview. After it i thought that OnlyFans might be a good idea. Because actually nobody talks about it. People are people are for or against it. But why is that?

What is OnlyFans?

Well, OnlyFans is a platform where you post picture of videos. And there’s nothing wrong with that! The things that makes OnlyFans so “unique” is the fact that almost all the content are locked. If you want to see them you have pay money. Think about OnlyFans like a Crowdfunding site: someone post something and you pay for it. With that money the content creator can pay for its activity. On OnlyFans you can find everything: artist, musician, painter and lot of other people. It’s not that different than Patreon. Until right now, it’s something we have already seen before.

The big difference is that on OnlyFans, people can also post adult content. It can be a nude picture or a explicit content. Something that on Patreon is impossible to do. For that reason, people often define OnlyFans like a “new frontier” for erotic and pornography.

Is OnlyFans the New Frontier?

I have already talked about the content creator in this industry. Is it OnlyFans a new frontier? There are two different point of view.

Looking the numbers involved, probably yes. Maybe we are witnessing the “death” of porn as we used to see it. Not because there are no more money. It’s because now all the people involved in erotic and pornography have an alternative. They can either working with the big company or alone. They can decide. A decision that 20 or 30 years ago was just not there!

Looking the quality of the content, I’m not sure about that. On OnlyFans, there no the same equipment and the same people involved in a big production. Almost all the content are POV video, where the only person you will see in the picture is the woman. Rarely the men is in the scene. I mean, only the only necessary part is in the scene. For example, On Brazzers you have both the man and the woman on camera performing. But not on OnlyFans. Which makes the entire offer absolutely monotone and boring. Once you paid one model, you have seen the entire OnlyFans. Yes, the model are different, but the contents itself are almost always the same: Pov Videos and naked pictures.

Why do you have to pay More?

That’s the big question. Right now, there are a lot of people who pay lot of money to see that content. It’s their choice. Ironically, you can see those kind of contents in internet, for free or paying much less money. So, why are people paying OnlyFans’ accounts? Well, because OnlaFans has become a “premium content” platform. Performers are using OnlyFans to create something unique and never seen before. It can be a Home-made video, maybe a solo scene or it’s just a couple of sexy picture. It doesn’t really matter what that is, it’s something nobody will be able to see if you don’t pay money.

Now i have a question in mind. I think of Britney Amber. She’s a talented performers and she worked for lot of companies. In her brilliant career she played in hundreds of scenes. So, you can see every shades of her. Now, after all the adult material you can find for free in internet, is there really a sense to pay lot of money every months to see more? I have my answer, but i will not tell you. It’s better for you to find yours.


I don’t have nothing against OnlyFans. If you want to make money with your body, it’s your choice. However, as an internet user, i don’t pay extra cash for things that i could theoretically see in internet for free. That’s my personal opinion. It’s not about being cheap. It’s only about a cost-benefit analyses. With the money i invest in three models, for example, i can easily pay Brazzers and Girlsway for an entire year, or even more! I have a way much bigger choice, much more models and much better quality! Paying lot of money, just to see a naked celebrity is a huge waste of money!

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