World and its End: Any Thoughts?

I am actually 2 and a half year too late. But who cares? Nobody! So, now i just want to play with you. In the last two decades we had several moments, where the world might end. Between the 21.12.2012, The Islamic State, the Covid-19 pandemic and Russia you need just to pick one potential humanity ending moment. I see people put too much effort to destroy humanity. They think just too big! In truth, There are much simpler way to end humanity for good! Ready to get anxiety?

No more electricity in the World

Right now we are talking about nuclear war, some sort of military domination or only God knows what! It’s just way too big! What you really need is to make sure that any power plant doesn’t work anymore. Without electricity, you can’t turn on your computer or power up your cellphones. No, i am not making fun of those who stays with the phone all day. It’s simply the truth. No electricity means no more jobs. No more jobs means no more money. It would be a catastrophe. We will come back to the stone Age. Don’t you believe me? All the Payments are made through internet. Without it, there’s no way the economy can survive!

An Asteroid hit the World

It’s a classic. Just one big asteroid and humanity is gone forever. Maybe the Earth itself will be gone forever. We can do nothing about it. Well, technically we can destroy it with a nuclear missile eventually. But what if the asteroid is so big that it would be impossible to destroy? It’s not so impossible. I mean, the Earth is big, but we are very tiny compared to the Sun, for example. There’s no power demonstration around here that could save us. An asteroid will not be impressed by the size of an army. I will hit the planet and we will be dead. Nation can have all their army and sophisticated weapons. Just one big rock from the space and everything will disappear.

No More Bank Accounts in the world!

Think for one second that anyone in this world (private people, companies and the nations) have no more access to their bank accounts. You can’t take money from you account, the company can’t pay anything and the nation can afford anything. It’s the beginning of the end for humanity. Empty Supermarket, empty Gas stations, empty drugstores and empty stomach. All the scene you can see in those Sci-fi movies will become real! There’s nothing you can do. The bank will have your money, but you can’t have them! Humanity will disappear poor and homeless.

The Sun gets too big too soon!

The Sun will become a supernova. That’s a fact. The sun will be so big that, in few billion year, the Earth will be literally inside the sun. Before that moment, the temperature on Earth will be so hot that the water will boil away. With no water there will not be life on this planet. Technically, humanity will disappear. Unless we don’t find a planet outside the Solar System. No, even Mars will be inside the Sun when it will become a supernova. Thinking of Mars as a solution to save our civilization it’s not so smart and wise.

That’s the irony: what keeps us alive, will kill us one day. That’s a certainty. I will no be alive to see it, but humanity in one billion years will. But, looking the progress we have had in 50 years, in one billion years we will be able to move to other planets…maybe instantly. However, if the Sun would get that big tomorrow, humanity will have no chance to survive!

Global Warming.

We are trying to save the planet. In 2030 we will be in the condition to produce energy in a clean way. What if we miss the goal? We have been witnessing the consequences of the global warming right now. And the goal seems a little bit too optimistic, given the fact that some country doesn’t actually want to work with. If we miss the goal, Earth might become too hot, the climate will be so extreme that humanity can be strongly reduced, resources will not be enough fot everyone and lot of places on Earth will be impossible to use. I just hope that we can save this planet, otherwise the end of the society might be very near and very hard to manage!

A Virus.

With Covid-19 we had bad times, but in the end humanity is still here. What if someone somewhere set free a deadly virus? In few weeks, humanity can be entirely infected and we will disappear. Between 2020 and 2022 we have seen how less prepared we were. With a virus like this (very infective, but not so deadly), a couple of millions of people died, even in country where the Healthcare was considered good! Think about something way much more infective and deadly? What do you think is gonna happen? We have no idea when or where the virus will be identified and we will need maybe months to find a cure. What will happen in the meantime? Well, a guess you will have already the answer.


We are here. We think that the bigger the army, the bigger the influence on the world. In truth, we are very fragile: just one thing we can’t see, predict or control and everything we have created will be gone forever. Sometime we should think of what we do and where we are before to do something stupid…like, i don’t know, invading another country, for example! We should work together to move on, instead to find a way to kill each other. Nature is already pretty good in that!

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