Body Happiness: Day One!

I have to thanks Olivia Lucie Blake! She’s the reason why my body started to becomes important. I have never directly talked to her. I would love to, but she talked to me through her words on her blog. When i joined WordPress she was one of the first blog i followed. Not because i knew her already, i didn’t know anybody around here, but because it was one of the first blog WordPress recommended me. Then i started to read every single post until one day she decided to do something crazy. “What is it?” are you wondering. Well, keep reading.

What happened?

Actually nothing revolutionary happened for humanity. But for me, yes…something happened. Out of nowhere, she shared the fact that she wanted to run an half marathon. People, we are talking about 21 kilometers. That’s huge. I barely walk five and she wanted to run an half marathon. It’s even more inspiring thinking that she is doing this not for the glory, but because she decided to change things in her life. And her body is one of these things. And i was there, sitting on my chair doing nothing, while she was changing her life.

In my mind i was thinking: “Look at her! She’s doing something extraordinary! If she can do that, i can do it as well!” So, weeks later (my brain is slow i processing things), i am here to start my personal journey in the fitness universe.

What kind of body do i want?

That was the big question. Because if you have no idea what to achieve, you have no idea what to do. Well, let say that i don’t want to become the new Dwayne Johnson. However, i would like to look a little bit bigger, without buying new clothes, because they have become too small all of a sudden. I would love to have a little bit more strength in the upper body. Trust me, just to pick up 10 kilos is a challenge for me. And it should not be, giving the fact i am 30.

I would also have a nice look overall when I’m naked. Right now, every time i see myself in the mirror, i am not the happiest person in the world. I mean, i don’t hate what i see, but it’s not that great. I want to see myself and be confident enough to say “well, you are handsome and you finally look like a grown man!”

Body Happiness – Day One: how was that?

I took those three picture after the first day of workout. I am pretty lucky to start from a not so bad body shape. But don’t get confused. In this picture i look way much bigger than in reality. I have no idea why! Think of my body as a body of a fifteen-years-old boy. For a 30 years-old man, not that great!

More than that, i was breathing in very hard. So, my belly was actually a little bit too much inside and my upper part (chest and shoulder) were a little big bigger, because i was breathing in. More than that, my arms are not so defined as you might think (my camera did a bad job with lights and shadows) and my chest is not the shape i want, especially in the higher part. This is how i look. But i much strength do i have?

My body condition

The answer is: no strength. After my pretty short workout, i was already dead tired. We are talking about 45 minutes workout and i was dead. I felt pain everywhere and my legs could not move. Just a dozen push-ups and my arms were numb, weak and with no strength whatsoever. That was bad. My Abs is even in a worst condition. It’s not defined at all and the fat around it is pretty much. Before to get in the shape i want, i have to work hard and suffer a lot!


My goal is actually to get in the shape i want until the end of the year. With the start point i have i should be so hard, so let’s see how the hard work and dedication will pay off!

See ya


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