Famous and not Famous: Can They Be Together?

Yesterday i was talking with my sister about something. I don’t remember exactly where we started. At a certain point, we ended up talking about all the celebrity who are single and apparently have very hard time to find a person to live together. I think about, for example, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston or Zac Efron. People who had very hard time to find the right person. Why some famous people have very hard time to find the love, when they need to?

Famous People are impossible to date?

This is the first thought that people have in mind when we talk about celebrity! “It’s impossible to date someone famous!” Well, are you sure about that? Maybe we are watching the entire situation in the wrong way. We think that celebrities are some divinities come from above. In truth, they are just human being. They are people like you and me. The only difference is that they have a very busy life, between their jobs, interview and paparazzi. Those people want to love and to be loved. More than that, they need a normal life and do normal things. Just because they are rich and famous, doesn’t mean they are impossible to talk to!

Famous People: You have got nothing to lose!

Yes, maybe they will be hard to get closer to, for obvious reason, but what if you did? What if you get the opportunity to talk with the celebrity you always wanted to talk with and he or she will have good time with you? It would be perfect!

The key is to see those people not as superstar, but as human being. They have dreams, hopes, fears and worries. Especially the women in the business. Maybe celebrities can deal with all the pressure alone, but sometimes having a trusty person on your side is not that bad, right? Maybe you can be this trusty person. Who knows? If you don’t jump into it, you will never know.

I’m not saying right now that ALL THE PEOPLE in the entertainment are looking for the love, absolutely not. But, if you meet your crush and the moment is right, why not to try? What do you have to lose? I mean, you two didn’t know each other before and you will be stranger again if something will go wrong. But what if things go in the right direction?

There are women, in the modeling business, who are married with non-famous men. And the two get along perfectly. Maybe they meet at a bar, or at a party or in a random occasion. The point is that one of the two have made the first move. And i think that the men did that! And she gave him an opportunity to shine. Just because celebrity are rich, doesn’t mean they need fancy and expensive thing to be happy! Often, once people are rich, they appreciate the little things…especially those things made with heart!

Your life will be perfect!

I have personally a crush on Selena Gomez. I think she’s a very wonderful woman. And i would be happy just to have a chance to talk with her. Until today it has not happened, but never say never. If i had the opportunity to be together with her, it would be perfect. Not because i am together with a superstar (i don’t care whatsoever about it, because i am not a fan), but because i would be together with the woman of my dreams.

And maybe i can give her something, nobody else was able to give her. In this moment, i would have no idea what this thing might be, but if i were together with her, it means that she found in me the things she was looking for. Maybe we would complete each other and life will be way much better, because we both would have found what we were looking for.

It’s much easier than you think!

A person in a relationship needed to be loved, respected, appreciated. I mean, we all look this things in a love story. With a famous person is exactly the same. Even if they have a lot, they often have nobody to talk to, chill with and share some personal moments and open their mind and soul to. Can you imagine how sad life might might be for them? I mean, they have everything but nothing at the same time!

Listen, i don’t know you, but if i had the opportunity to talk with a woman i admire, i would catch the opportunity immediately. We live once and we should not waste any moment. This kind of moment happens only once in a lifetime. I would try my best to impress her and see what happens next! Maybe nothing will happen, and my life will still the same. But what if something happened? I hate living a life full of regrets! I will try it and see what will happen next!

And you? What would you do if you had a chance to shine in front of you celebrity crush?

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