Failure: Are Always a Good Thing?

In the last few days i didn’t write so much. I didn’t have enough inspiration to write. More than that, i am trying to get in shape and i don’t have so much time for my blog right now. However, while i was literally destroying my body with Push-Ups, my mind told me: “hey, stupid idiot! (I am the idiot, if you didn’t get that!), can i ask you something? What if you faced a failure? How would you take that?” I guess i would take it good…or maybe not? Well, i think that depends!

I didn’t think about that! I should have, but i didn’t. For some reason, i was maybe too confident in my success that i didn’t ask myself the question i needed: What if i failed? I don’t want to fail, but it can happen. So, since i have the picture of my failure in my head, i want to see how and why i can miserably crash to the ground!

Why did you live a failure?

This is the first part of the story. If we fail in something, we think that failures look all the same for everybody. Well, it’s not like that. There are different possibilities. Maybe you failed because you were either too fast or too slow in taking a decision. Or you took a decision without thinking to all the possible scenarios and you were not prepared. Perhaps the idea was not that great in the first place. You never know until you try. Then you can see if your idea was great or not. Just pick one failure. If we talk about timing, there are higher chances to fail than having success.

There are even failures that happen without you do something. Those kind of failures are the worst. Because you can’t control or predict them. Think about 2008 or the pandemic. A lot of people had amazing businesses and they had to give up on everything because the world shut down. And those people haven’t done anything wrong. The only “fault” the have is to live in the wrong period of time.

As you can see there are different modes to fail and sometimes you can’t even predict! And right now my underwear are a little bit too humid…and it’s not because it’s too hot in Germany, because it’s freezing!

How might a failure happen?

That’s another wonderful question. If the way to fail are a lot, even the size of the failure can change. You can fail a little bit, you can fail a lot or everything in between. Maybe the failure can be manageable and you can come back on track with a couple of little moves. Sometimes, sadly, the mistakes are so big that you can’t do nothing but giving up and start all over again. If the failure happened, without any kind of “collateral effect” everything will be fine. But it’s not, because this world is a huge mess.

Of course, the bigger the failures are, the bigger will be the consequences. Maybe everything turns around a little investment, or maybe it’s all about firing lot of people or shut down an entire division. I have no idea. You have no idea. The problem is that failures are good to learn, but a bad b**ch when we talk about the situation we have to live.

I am super sure that if i failed, my failure would be so big that even the next generation will talk about it! There will be a page in the history books talking about my misery!

Are Failures a good thing?

Well, It depends actually. I truly believe that failures are great moments where people can learn and improve. However, i know that those moment are not the best moments ever. Seeing with your own eyes the destruction of what you have built for so long is not that great! So, there i think that depend of the failures. The bigger, the worst.

I can survive when the failures are small and i can still save my entire project, even if i have to work harder than before to get back where i was before the failure. I am not quite sure if i can handle the fact that i have to give up on everything, because it can’t be saved. That would be bad for me. I think it would be bad for everyone in that position.


Failures are like the Force. You have a good side and dark side. The good side are the lessons you can learn. The dark side are all the bad moments you will live to learn that lessons. Failure are good, as long as you can save the situation. They can be big and look like the Mount Everest. But if they are still possible to beat, lo let them happen!

See ya


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