Fitness – Body Happiness: 1st Week!

Finally the very first week of my journey into fitness is over. Right now, i would love to talk with you about my progress and my feeling throughout this week. I know that it’s only the beginning, but the first week it wasn’t easy. At all!

First Day – Day 1: Friday!

On Friday i felt very happy, enthusiastic and full of energy. It happens to me every time i start something new. The problem is that i didn’t think trough about the entire fitness situation. I thought that the plan i had was an easy one. I was wrong. My idea is to start slow and then get harder and harder. The problem is that even the “slow start” was very hard. In the end i was KO. My arm hurt, i had not strength anymore and i had the feeling of tiredness all over my body. I was finished for the day. If someone had asked me to lift up a bottle of water, i could not do that! Also the night was painful. My triceps hurt a lot and i could not sleep well, because it seemed to be in the Sahara desert, at noon, in June. It was ridiculous!

Fitness -Day 2: Saturday!

On Saturday i had very hard time to get up from the bed. The muscle in my arms were on fire and every time i moved them i felt like someone stuck a knife in my arm. In addition to that, my shoulders started to hurt. I could move my arm only until a certain point. over that point i had no strength to keep my arms in the position. Even the fitness that day was bad, because i could not do a lot. Especially the push-ups were painful, both because of the lack of strength and also because of the pain.

Fitness -Day 3,4 and 5: Sunday, Monday and Tuesday!

It was like Saturday. Exactly like Saturday! Pain the arm and also in my abs. My training session were hard to get until the end and i felt a little bit frustrating, because i was not able to do what i wanted to. More than that, i had problem with my energy, because i felt that i needed some more energy. So, i decided to buy some energy food.

Fitness – Day 6: Wednesday!

So, i bought some fitness snacks. It was hard to decide what to buy, because i could choose between several snacks and every single one of them had different qualities. I choose to buy some protein bars, which allows me to have the necessary energy and to keep my muscle once i finished my training. My training session was better that the previous days. I felt less pain, but the strength was still not there. I was able to do a little bit more, but it was not the goal i had in mind.

Last Day – Day 7: Thursday!

This day was the day where my body told me that i was exaggerating. After a couple of exercise, my neck started to hurt a lot. Then i started to have a huge headache. I tried to keep doing my training, but it was impossible. So, i decided to take a brake for the day. And i think that i will use Thursday and Sunday as a rest day for my body. Even if i am well aware i am not doing so much, fo my body is still a lot. So, i have to make sure that everything works properly. I don’t want to hurt myself. I want to get in shape, not go to the hospital. Actually i had to start with the protein bar this day, but i delayed everything, because i didn’t do any kind of training.


The first three days were horrible, especially because my arm were not able to do what i wanted. I struggled with the pure strength. Also i had pretty hard time to learn how to do the exectise in the right way, trying to avoid injuries. Apart from that, i am quite happy with the results. I am improving. I am not as big as i want, but i am in the right direction. We’ll see in the Week 2 what will happen!

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