Month: February 2022

Fitness – Body Happiness: 1st Week!

Advertisements Finally the very first week of my journey into fitness is over. Right now, i would love to talk with you about my progress and my feeling throughout this….

Ukraine: There Will Be War?

Advertisements In the last days, in internet there are people who are pretty worried about a war between Russia and Ukraine. Well, to be honest, the situation is pretty bad,….

Failure: Are Always a Good Thing?

Advertisements In the last few days i didn’t write so much. I didn’t have enough inspiration to write. More than that, i am trying to get in shape and i….

Famous and not Famous: Can They Be Together?

Advertisements Yesterday i was talking with my sister about something. I don’t remember exactly where we started. At a certain point, we ended up talking about all the celebrity who….

Body Happiness: Day One!

Advertisements I have to thanks Olivia Lucie Blake! She’s the reason why my body started to becomes important. I have never directly talked to her. I would love to, but….

World and its End: Any Thoughts?

Advertisements I am actually 2 and a half year too late. But who cares? Nobody! So, now i just want to play with you. In the last two decades we….

OnlyFans: Is It A good Thing?

Advertisements Do you Know OnlyFans? Probably you have heard or read somewhere in the magazine or newspaper. if the word and the meaning are new for you, either you live….

Collaboration: I am Open For It!

Advertisements I opened my Blog in November. In this three months i wrote a lot and very often (like twice a day), i tried to improved both my writing skills….

I Have Absolutely No Idea In My Head!

Advertisements Today i woke up completely drained. For whatever reason, in my head i have no good ideas to share with you. In this exact moment i could stop writing….

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