Putin: a Genius or a Dummy?

I don’t know what to say. What was impossible becomes reality: Putin (not Russia) invaded a pacific country like Ukraine for the reason we all know very well. And since day one, all around the world things happened. For the first time in my life, the entire Western side of the world is united to protect another country and condemned another one. Never happened before! But Putin made it possible. Well done! However, i have just a question in my mind: is Putin a genius or a dummy?

Putin and his reason.

Putin invaded Ukraine because he wants to set it free from Nazism. And i don’t even know what kind of Nazis he is talking about, because the president Ukraine is Jew. He is probably the last person in this world you can call a “Nazis”. It’s like saying that vegan loves beef. It doesn’t make any kind of sense. More than that, Putin said that he wants to protect Russian people from the Ukrainian evil.

Let’s say that Russian people are persecuted for real. You don’t start a freaking war. If the Russian doesn’t feel safe in a country, they can actually leave the country and Russia might help them to get back to Russia. I live in Germany. If German people were racist against me, i would not declare the region i live “Italian territory”. I would just leave Germany. This is how it should be. Either Putin drank too much vodka, or he knows something we don’t know for real!

#UkraineWar and how it started!

It seemed to be that Putin waited for something. If you really want to invade a country, you don’t wait weeks to do that. You just set your army in the position and start to march. This is how it should be. But not for Russia. The “Red Army” stood there for days in the Ukrainian border, waiting and provoking. It doesn’t make any sense. And now they have very hard time to conquer the country, because you make sure that Europe had enough time to think about a counterstrike (that is working, by the way). If i want to attack someone, i would do it with the “surprise effect”. I would now call and say “hey man! We are about to invade you! Be ready!” It’s stupid.

Putin, Russia and no money!

I don’t know. Maybe it’s only me, but it seems that all the countries close to Russia still lived back in the past, where the strength was crucial to win a war. Yes, Putin has a huge army. But Europe doesn’t even need to prepare an army. Europe did the only smart thing to do: use finance and money to destroy a country. Why killing a soldier when i can kill an entire nation? The Russian army can have huge weapons, but without money this army will not go much further.

And also the people who live in Russia will have huge problem to survive without money. This is a war that Putin will lose. Yes, maybe he will conquer Ukraine, but then there will not be money to rebuild anything. As i said, he will lose. And we are all reading what in Russia is happening with the ruble right now. The longer this situation will stay, the more Putin will lose.

Russia is alone.

Every single organization is leaving Russia behind. No fly, no sport events, no more businesses, no more financial transactions. Russia is cut out from the world. Just because one man think to live in the 70s of the 20th Century. Every day even more associations, federations or any other thing with Russia in it will comes out saying that “Russia is no more welcome!” I mean, I have never seen something like that before. If Putin wanted to become the most hated person in the world, well..mission complete!


I don’t know what to say. The more this “war” is fought, the more ridiculous Putin’s strategy will look. I mean, they have more than 200 thousand soldiers and they are not able to conquer a city defended by civil people! More than that, Putin is actually ready to see an entire country starving just to conquer Ukraine. And, last but not least, every single day more enemy will appear on the map. In the end, only China will remain Russia’s friend…but i don’t know for how long!

I don’t know you, but it doesn’t sound like a smart men!

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