Ukraine and the Two Worlds!

As soon as the Ukraine War exploded, we have see that this is not a “classic” war, where two side fight with an army. This is probably the very first time where we can witness the new generation of war. A war that is not fought after all. What the hell am i talking about? Well, let me explain!

Putin and a huge army to conquer Ukraine

On one corner, we have the offender: Russia. For decades, Russia was the second superpower that controlled the balance in the world together with the United Stated. During the Cold War it was the opponent of the American side of the world. You can say whatever you want, but Russia was the only superpower ready to fight with the US. After the Cold War, however, something happened. The world is not the same. Balance is changed, because China became an economical superpower. But also technology and internet changed the world, connecting every single person and company in an unimaginable way. The problem is that European Union and United States understood that and we are changing. Russia not so much. Because if Russia had understood that, it would have probably not attacked Ukraine with an army.

Having a huge Army is something belonged to the past. Now we have drones, satellites, intelligent missiles and too much information. Technically you can manage a battle with a console or you can pay an hitman to prevent it. Using hundred of thousand of people to “invade a country” is not a wise move anymore. Human being are not reliable to fight.

The West and technology to protect Ukraine

On the other corner, we have United States and the European Union. They have army, but thy use it for defense (expect United States). For this specific situation, the N.A.T.O is operating. But N.A.T.O. is only a defensive army. EU and USA are not technically fighting the war Putin Started, but they are gonna win it. How? Well, they are using something Putin is not using: technology. The banking and financial system is a huge thing. There is a huge connection between every single bank and financial market in the entire world. And Internet is the reason of this connection. If you cut one back or market out of the entire system, it will not be in the position to do anything.

And this is exactly what is happening. Now Russian banks have no money anymore, huge society can’t have access to their money and they can work properly. Which means that people will lose their job and the Russian economy might collapse. Europe and United States don’t need to send troops to protect Ukraine. If the Russian Army hasn’t got any money to put gasoline into the tank or to pay the soldiers, the Army will not be a problem anymore.


It’s a long game and people will die and lose everything. War is a bad bitch. The picture we are watching since the beginning of the conflict are horrible. But this is not a war for a country. Not anymore. It’s an Arm Wrestling match between Russia and the West. Putin thought like we were in the 1970s. He probably expected an army. The message before the invasion was clear. But Europe use technology in its favor.

Now it’s a war to decide who rules in Europe. Putin tried to conquer the continent with al old school system, but he’s failing. The problem is that Ukraine is paying the price of this fight for the power. However, we are seeing that the way Europe is managing the fight is working: between Sanctions, Social Media, hacking attacks and maybe private rooms to organized protests in the deep web, an entire country (Russia) is getting on the knees. It’s a question of time. Russia will lose.


Right now we are witnessing how much the world is changed. Before people died on the battlefield. Now entire countries die because they have no more money, without shooting once. We’ll see which kind of war is the most effective one!

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