Twitter: Are You Ready To Fight?

It was the year 2011. Facebook was becoming a huge thing and social media was a concept that was getting in our mind. In that year, another social media introduced itself to the world, changing the game forever: Twitter. It was not like Instagram or Facebook, because Twitter had something specific: every “post” (the so called Tweet) had not to be longer than 140 characters. A stupid idea, if you think about it, but funny enough to be a successful concept. Now it’s time to celebrate the best platform to start a huge fight!

Twitter as a immediate News source!

In the beginning we had TV and radio. Once, maybe twice a day we turn on the TV and the radio to see what happened around us. And we had newspapers we used to buy early in the morning. Well, we have to say that the world was way much slower that right now, so watching TV, listening to the radio and reading a newspaper was enough to be informed about the latest news. The big problem i have with TV and Radio is that sometimes are not so immediate. Not because they don’t care about information, but because i am not at home all day long. So, when something important happened during the day, i didn’t know until the evening, when i was at home after the day at work.

With Twitter, all of a sudden, i know exactly what happened in the world in the exact same moment it happens. Think about the Corona Pandemic and the Ukraine War: we knew everything in the exact same moment happened…or at least with a very little delay. For once in human history, everyone can be informed and know exactly how the world around us is going. That’s amazing!

Twitter and 140 Character.

Twitter is even more amazing, because every post must be only 140 character long. That’s for me amazing. I don’t like post as long as the “Divine Comedy“. I don’t like to read too long posts. Especially because those posts are often negative posts. On Twitter you have only 140 letters to write your thoughts. I can read them. I don’t get bored. It’s also amazing because the newspapers use tweet just to introduce the news and leave the link to the entire news. Then i can decide either to read it or not. Finally i don’t have my homepage full of huge posts. I can easily scroll down until i find something interesting to read. That’s awesome!

Twitter as a Battlefield!

But nothing is amazing and perfect. Twitter is also famous for another thing: huge fights! I don’t even know why, but it doesn’t matter who you follow, under every single post, there is that not so smart “someone”, who has to express the disappointment, instead of reading or watching something else. And the best part is that there are those even less smart that have to start a fight against that “not so smart person”. I mean, really? Why do we need to waste time in this fights? You don’t like something? Just move on!

This situation is even funnier when Twitter channel like “CNN”, “Das Bild” tweet something about a breaking news. Right there is a living hell. I have been there. In my life i posted my opinion about the news three times. And all the times i was insulted. Don’t ask me why! I have no idea! The point is that Twitter is the perfect place for frustrated people, where they can throw out all their anger and frustration. After those three bad experience, i just read the news and i move on. I don’t want to hurt my brain fighting with idiots!


I could i not talk about them! The Hashtag have change the way to sort the news. With the hashtag you can see all the news related to that topic. For example with the hashtag “Corona” you can actually see the news related to the pandemic. And you can also tweet something with the hashtag and you automatically connect yourself with hundreds of thousands of people. It’s incredible!


Twitter is amazing. Only if you don’t comment anything. As soon as you did, your life will be a living nightmare, if you are not strong enough to ignore the stupid idiots. Use the social media only as a passive user. If you really want to share your appreciation for something, just leave a like and nothing more. Don’t make my mistake and comment something. It might be the beginning of the end!

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  1. Yes it’s all about the not commenting. Tik tok is even worse for commenting because your neutral comment can go viral and suddenly 100 people are trashing you for saying something that they took the wrong way. LOL It’s a good policy not to check notifications a few days after making a comment. Or imagine the replier as a goofy cartoon character so it doesn’t sting so bad.

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