I’m Tired…Mentally!

It’s 2022. When i started this year i had so much ideas to develop. And i have started pretty good. Then i lost entirely my will to write. I feel tired, like i hate to write, even if i love to share think with people. But i can’t. Right now, i would love to share with you all my thoughts, because maybe i can find someone like me out there.

I’m Tired of the Ukraine War

It’s not the war itself, but that feeling that we are gonna die, that makes me tired. No matter where i wat h or what i read, i have the bad feeling that we are gonna die. If you live in China, India or North Korea you can sleep like a baby. In the United States, you might be a little bit concerned, but not too much. If you live in Europe, you wake up with the constant feeling that a nuclear bomb might hit somewhere, starting the beginning of everything for humanity. I have often. Nothing that forces me to stay home all my life, but…yeah, it’s not a great feeling. Especially considering the fact that now prices here are getting a lot higher than expected. Thank to Putin, i don’t live amazingly.

I am tired because there’s No Moment to rest.

Think about it: since 2019 we live with danger, death, bad news and that feeling of uncertainty in the air. Before it was the pandemic. With that fucking virus you had no idea what to do. Your life was frozen like all your project you might have before the pandemic. In the beginning it was hard, but i got used to it.

Now, that we are getting outside the pandemic is almost over we are in the middle of the freaking cold war again. People die, people run away and an army is attacking a country for no reason. More than that, there’s always this kind of tension that everything can lead us straight a nuclear war. All the news i am reading are not that great. I try to avoid them, but it would not be wise. I need to be informed, even if it’s painful. But this “information” are not that healthy for my mental health.

I’m tired, because Nothing good is happening

My life is pretty good. I am still poor, but i am healthy, my family is healthy and i am dealing things pretty good, considering the situation. Technically I would be actually ready to write thing…if only there were something to write about. I don’t want to spread bad vibes with my blog. So, i try to avoid the bad news. Once you do that, in this moment, you have not so much to talk about. Even Gossip is not that interesting. I find very hard to have something positive and funny to share with you, guys! Negativity is not in my DNA. I would rather write nothing than being negative. I don’t know you, but ten news i read, nine are bad and one is miserable. How can i post anything if i have nothing positive to talk about?

I feel a little bit Down.

Not physically. About that, i am trying to get back to shape and i fell good. But mentally. It’s almost three years now that the negative side of the world is punching in the face every single day. I tried to resist as much as i can, but now it’s a little bit hard. In this condition, keeping the motivation high to write is almost impossible. I need a free mind, less problem around me and a world in peace. At least a Europe in peace. I can’t be productive if i wake up with the idea that today might be my last day on Earth. It’s not that great. I am concerned and this concerned is consuming my creativity.


For a while i will not write as often as i used to. I actually can’t do that! In this moment, i would have nothing good to write about. I want to be remembered as a funny idiot than as a depressed and sad blogger. One day will be over. And that day i will run naked on the street, because i will be too happy. I just hope it be tomorrow. Sorry for this post!

See ya


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5 thoughts on “I’m Tired…Mentally!

  1. Mauro, I’m sorry you’re feeling this way. I’ve taken living in the USA for granted and was oblivious to how this war affects those closer to it’s roots. I hold space for you and wish you the best.

  2. I wouldn’t appologise Mauro, all you are doing is voicing how you feel and for that l salute you. People are starting to become afraid of voicing their opinions on this subject sadly.

    We are living in very troubled times and every day is just another slap as you describe. Everyone is living with baited breath – is today the day that l don’t see tomorrow?

    It’s concerning and it’s worrying and everything we thought we knew is suddenly off the table in so far as Gentleman’s War Rules … l get where you are coming from.

    I bounce between lost the plot syndrome and powerful positivity and finding the balance is hard. i have even started building an indoor fallout shelter and reading heavily about the effects of nuclear war so l truly do understand how you feel my friend.

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