Bad Moments: How to Get Out From THEM?

It’s been three years since we are living in a sort of nightmare with a lot of bad moments. In 2020 we had the covid and we had to face the fact that for a while we would have not been able to be free. Then, when things seemed to be going in the right direction, Putin decided to bring back the world in the cold war with a stupid and nonsense war against a pacific country like Ukraine. And now we have no idea how long we are going to live this uncertainty. Is there a way to get through it without getting completely crazy? Well, i found one!

Bad Moments: Don’t see what is around you!

Ignoring the world is a great way to get back our very fragile mental health. It’s not about the fact that i don’t want to face reality. It’s about the fact that right now it’s too much. I know what is going on in my world and i just can’t stand anymore. Too much suffer, pain and sadness. In my mind there were too much questions without any kind of answer. I could not live with my brain full of negative thought. There was a reason why i was not able to be consistent with my blog.

My brain was actually not in the position to have any kind of positive thoughts to share with you. And that made me sad and angry, because i love to talk with you, but for whatever reason i was not in the condition to be nice. So, i decided to cut out the world around me for a while and get back in shape, starting with my blog.

Bad Moments: Make sure to have the right person around you!

This is actually an obvious thing to say, but alone it’s sometimes hard to get through hard times. Yes, you can do that, but it’s often a very hard task. With someone around you is way much easier. Especially if with this someone you can talk freely and you have a very deep relationship. In this case, family is the first thing i have in mind. For me, family is the safest place on Earth. Yes, we have our ups and downs, but my family is the first thing in mind when i want to celebrate or i need a quite place to precess things. And in this pandemic, it helps me a lot to be mentally healthy.

Bad Moments: Nothing is granted!

Freedom, happiness, opportunity and everything in your life is not granted. One day we wake up and our world is completely upside down. In this three years we have seen plenty of things that have destroyed a lot of our certainties. For lot of us was easy to adapt, for other is still a work in progress. I started to be happy every day when i wake up, because i am alive, i can eat three times a day, i have clothes on and a roof over my head. Those things were for me obvious, but looking what happen in Ukraine, they are not so much and everything can be destroyed in just one second. With just an explosion everything you have can be completely ruined forever!


Since 2019 i have been seeing my world changing. And not in a good way. But lucky for me i had the best people in the world around me and i am lucky enough to live in a part of the world where war is not an option to solve problems.

See ya


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