Be Rich and Die Young or Be Poor and Live Long?

Actually today i am writing my second post. This is something i wished for a quite some times. I am happy to be back mentally and deliver some good stuff! Since a couple of days i have a very weird thought in my mind…and this thought is basically money. However, i am thinking right now: What’s better? Be very rich and die very young or be very poor and live very long?

Live Rich and Die Young!

Let’s start maybe from the favorite choice for many people. Yes, because live a wild and very short life is a pretty common dream. If we add the fact that this short life is full of money, well…the amount of people who will choose this life will be the 99,99999%. For whatever reason, as soon as we have money, we forget about the rest…and the rest right now is a very short life. It’s incredible….or not? I mean, technically our expiration date is pretty short, but who cares? We are freaking rich: we can buy health if we need it. With the money we can afford the best doctors, the best hospitals and the best medications. The only question is: is it worthy?

I mean, you get sick very young, maybe at the age of 35. Since that moment you have to visit doctors regularly, take medicine every single day and your health will not get better. You can maybe delay the end for a couple of decade, maybe more, but you will die. And what happened in the meantime? Yes, you are rich and still young. Will you have the energy to enjoy your life in that condition? Will people stay around you with your health? I don’t think so! If i have to spend my money and my time for medication and a room in an hospital, i don’t want to be rich!

Live Poor and Die Very Old!

That’s an interesting one! You have the opportunity to live very long (more than 100 years), but you will never be rich. Actually you will be poor for all of your life. You will struggle every time you want to buy something, like a house, a new car, some clothes and something “fancy” to eat in special occasions. This is not actually one of the greatest thing EVER. Not being able to be happy in life is one of my biggest nightmares that i am actually living right now! Are there any kind of good thing in being old and poor?

Absolutely not. Well…technically you live longer that the young and rich people, but to be honest: giving up on everything, because you have no money, is it a life worthy to be lived? In my opinion it’s not. Not because i want to be rich, but being old and poor is just sad. It’s already sad to be young and poor, it’s even sadder being old and poor.

It’s also dangerous, because you can’t do nothing at that point. You can’t come back to work, because you are too old and you can’t afford maybe some specific cure, that can save your life, because you can’t afford that! Yes, you can see your grand-grandchild maybe, but in which conditions? Sorry, but being old and poor is even worse that die your and rich!


So, between the two, which one? Well, the first one! There’s no question about it. I would rather die young, but with all my dreams fulfilled that being old with a huge amount of regrets! Sorry, it doesn’t sound so romantic, but i this case i am not at all!

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