It doesn’t really matter how old we are, who we are, where we live or the time we live. There’s something that connects us all over the world: talking. In our entire lives, we talk with a lot of people and we see maybe millions of other people talk. Even if it’s something so obvious, often we miss the real reason why we talk. And the reason is to communicate something. The only big problem is that we have too much incomplete conversations: we talk, we hear, but we don’t really listen or understand. Is there a way to improve that? Well, i truly think so. Eyes are the solution!

The will to talk!

Everything start from there. A conversation consists in two or more people that want to talk with the others. In this sense, there’s a will to share moments and experience with someone else. It can be a family member, a colleague or a friends. The point is that ALL THE PEOPLE involved want to be there in that same moment, in that same place with that specific people. Funny that i just say that, because in most of the cases, people talk, but they don’t want to.

Think about work. You are there, on your brake drinking your coffee alone peacefully, and all of a sudden one of your colleagues you don’t like come into the break room and start to talk to you. You know you don’t want to talk, but in those situations nobody wants to be rude and so we start this “conversation”, even if we have any kind of interest whatsoever. Those moments are a huge waste of time for everybody, because who’s talking is wasting energy and the listeners is wasting time. Is there any way to avoid this awkward moments? Hell yeah!

Look me in the eyes!

That’s the big hit point. We don’t take a good look around us. We just often take things for granted and we don’t think enough. Just think about family. Family is the safest place to be. And it is, most of the time. There are however moments, where we choose the wrong timing and something bad might happen. Think about when your partner is mad and you start to talk. The reaction can be very bad, especially if your partner doesn’t really want to talk at all, neither with you nor with anybody else. It can happen. I happened to me a couple of times with my sister. Why? Because i didn’t pay attention enough. If i had took a look to her eyes, i would have known. But i didn’t and a fight started. Nothing bad, but it happened.

Eyes NEVER lie!

It’s incredible how much effort and creativity we use to mask our emotions. The funny part is that we fail all the time. Not because we are not capable of doing it (technically we could be), but our eyes don’t really want to play that game. Eyes never lie. And it’s true. They are not capable of hiding emotion and feelings. They just can’t. It doesn’t really matter what we say, our eyes will tell all the time what we have inside us.

We can’t lie. We can lie only to a blind person…or someone who pretend to be blind, if you know what i mean! I used to lie a lot. I thought that i could mask my truly self. Then someone came in my life and she was able to look me in my eyes and see what there was inside me. In that moment every single wall i created was destroyed and i realized that there was no point in hiding myself, because it was impossible. I would rather show myself than wasting time in becoming someone else.


This world can be absolutely a genuine place. It can truly be. The only think we need to do is just stop talking too much to cover ourselves and look people in the eyes. Once we do that, all the lies will disappear, all the walls will fall down and the only thing that will remain is the pure truth…something we try often to hide because we are too scared!

See ya


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