When The Advice is Real, But Fake!

I am on WordPress since November and on social since 2010. I have see a lot and i will probably see a lot after this post. The funny part of being on social media is every single advice i read. There’s nothing wrong with helping people (i did it as well), but to be honest: how many of those advices are the same and completely wrong? Let’s see if i am right or i am just a depressed mind!

Advice: One day you will get where you want!

Yes, technically we are going somewhere. I mean, we move and we are going to end our journey and we will see what we have achieved and missed. The question i have is: will the end be as we imagined in the beginning? Because this is all about. When we say “One day you will get there!” it’s actually a huge lie. Nobody knows the future. I don’t. If you do, please contact me! We say it just because it’s something nice to say, especially if the person you are talking to is a little bit down and needs a little bit of support. In truth nobody believes it. Or they believe it, but they have no idea if it will become reality. Which brings me to the second point.

Advice: If you work hard, you will achieve a lot!

That’s wrong. Working hard must be something we all should do in order to achieve things. The only problem is that we know where we start and no clue where we are going. We assume to be in the right path. But it’s not something written in the stone. We work hard, we sacrifice sometimes a lot, but in the end we don’t achieve exactly what we wanted. Why is that? Is it because we are not that great after all? Well, maybe! I mean, it must be said: there are lot of people out there with no talent, demanding to be something they will never EVER become. But it’s not the entire story. Work hard is just one part of the story.

The other story is written by the luck. Lady Luck must be there with you in the right moments, helping you doing the right thing. If Lady Luck is not there with you, you can forget to be on the very top! Getting on the very top is a long journey based on lot of success and very few little failures. If you fail big times often, the top is for you impossible to reach. To avoid big failures you need to be prepared and have lot of luck.

Advice: Love is always around the corner!

That’s a fascinating one. Technically it’s true. The future is a white canvas we can paint as we want. We don’t know how this canvas will look in the end. It’s for us unknown what’s about to happen: we can die, we can become millionaire or everything in the middle. I don’t know that and you don’t know that either! That’s the freaking problem. Personally, i have no idea what corner i have to turn to find the love of my life.

Until right now, i have not found it yet! Saying “oh, darling, you will find the right corner” is often someone with a partner on the side and a ring on the finger. It’s too easy to say something like that, when your job is done and you won the game. Being single is horrible, because to find the right corner we turn a lot of wrong corners…and often is not cool, man! Please, if you tell “love is around the corner”, tell me also where this freaking corner is! Thank you very much!

Believe in Yourself!

Actually this is a great advice. Too many times we are here struggle with ourself, thinking we are not good enough or we don’t deserve anything from the life. And often all those doubts are there because of someone else. Well, let me tell you something: if the people around you are ASSHOLES doesn’t mean you are not worthy to be happy! I said that, we can move on!
The “believe in yourself” thing is NEVER ENOUGH. I mean, you can be the greatest, but you don’t move forward with only talent. Absolutely not. You are not the only one talented. You need much more than just pure talent to have something in this life. I mean, talent should be enough, but humanity is stupid!

As i said before, luck must be with you, but also people must be in the condition to do their job properly. Yeah…about that…i think we are screwed! In business, often the people who have success are those who know powerful people. The other will never see the top of the mountain. I have seen it personally! It sucks. Coming back home with nothing in your hand, when you know to be worthy a lot, it’s a painful feeling. You can believe in yourself as much as you want and you can also show how talented you are. If you are not in the right place, at the right time with the right person who recognize the talent you possess, it’s game over.


It’s cool to say those and other things. They are good to hear, read and bring a lot of appreciation. I get that. But be careful, because words have their own specific weight and you don’t have to exaggerate, if you are not truly convinced in what you are saying. Please, use this phrase ONLY if you truly believe them, otherwise keep your mouth closed. Sometimes silence is the best option!

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4 thoughts on “When The Advice is Real, But Fake!

  1. I would say this … Believe in Yourself and make it happen.

    Luck could play a part to moving forward but that too is a belief.

    So if you say … “I can make my life the way l want it because l do believe in myself and my abilities’ then you will make it happen. However, it always comes down to your own personal belief.

    Don’t trust in external concepts, always believe in yourself.

    1. That’s a good comment. However, I am not completely convinced. You can be as good as you want, but if you are not in the right place at the right time, nothing will change. Think about Steve Jobs and the first iPhone. It was a revolution. If he did that five years earlier, it would have been too soon. Five years later it would have been too late, because someone would have probably already had the idea of a smartphone. It would have still be good, but not so sensational. To make something happen you need talent, hard work, dedication and luck on your side. That’s my thought!

      Thank for passing by!!

      1. It’s a good thought, but if Steve Jobs didn’t have the inspiration and self belief to make his ideas work in the first place it would not have mattered if he had had good luck anyway.

        If you believe in your abilities you make your own ‘luck’ and you make your own opportunities.

        To make something happen you need talent [YES] hard work [YES] , dedication [YES] and luck on your side. [NOT Really] If you wish to hang on to your ‘luck’ belief then work on the principle that you create and generate your own.

        LUCK is purely an external belief.

        It’s a bit like religion – why believe in something externally when you can believe in yourself.

        I don’t believe in God or Gods, I do believe in my ability, my talent, my ability to work hard and my ability to spot an opportunity.

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