Abuses: Can men protect Women?


Every year, on March 8th, we celebrate the International Woman’s day. It’s for me a cheap way for men to fell less guilty about the society men themselves have created since the beginning of time. It’s basically a toxic society where men will do everything they can to keep the power away from women and dominate all over the planet. In this conditions, how are the women doing? Can they live in peace? Do they live abuses? I know that they are very stupid questions, but they are necessary for my post. So, let’s keep going!

abuses: The Women all over the world!

The “Civilized side of the World!

Well, what can i say more that you don’t already know? In the side of the world where the Catholic Church dominates, women are seen as an inferior creature, allowed only to be a good mother and to cure the household. Yes, they have the right and opportunity to shine, but they have to work twice hard to achieve the half of what a man would achieve with the half of the effort. It’s not me saying this. You can easily read for yourself. Internet is full of report about it and every year we know that the situation is bad, but things move too slow for a world that moves too fast.

In addition to that, women have big problem in their household as well, where a lot or innocent women are beaten, victimizes, brutally abused (physically and mentally) and in worst cases killed…and the executors is always a man. A man, who often comes up with absurd excuses to justify the brutality of his actions in front of the court…or cameras.

The “esotic” side of the world!

In other parts of the world, thing are even way much worse…like it were possible that things can get any worse. And they can, because women are treated either like goods you can sell when you have to close a deal or like tools you can use and then literally throw away like garbage. In those places, women have no right whatsoever and the men can literally control everything…even the right to live. Oh…i almost forgot! In specific places (you know probably where) VERY YOUNG LADY (often too young) are promised to other men…very old men. And the reason for that is for me absolutely impossible to understand.

Only writing about it i really wish to see another Egypt plague, where this time the kids are not the target, but all the men around the world. We, as a collective, don’t deserve to live in this planet.

abuses: The questionable side of the Protection!

Since several years, in lot of countries (not all of them unfortunately), the legislator have created bills and laws to protect women from men abuses. The abuses can be of every nature and can happen at home, on the street, in a public place or at work, with this legal mechanisms women know to be protected. It’s a wonderful thing. However, with all of this entire “women protection” i have big problem. There is something that blows my mind every single time i think about it.

The world is dominanted by men. And they created the law to protect the women. The funny, and at the same time sad, part is that those who abused, harassed and killed women are men. So, technically, those laws are not to protect women, but to force men to act like human being and not like animals. Do you get what i am saying? The protection of women is just a collateral effect. The main goal is to stop the man to be violent. This thought hit me like a thunder! The entire “protection” is nothing but a law, made by men, to avoid the jail. How sad is that!

Abuses are still there!

Laws and bills are great. But they just don’t work as they should. Do you know why? Well, because women are not protected when they speak out about it. Women can report that kind of despicable crime, but then they come back home…the source of the violence. As soon as they speak out, they have nowhere else safer to go. You can just imagine what might just happen if the man finds out about that. So, lot of women don’t say anything. Sometimes the cure is worse than the illness.

It’s typical men: we create something incomplete and with mistakes. We didn’t think about it. There’s no safe and secret place for a woman to go and hide from a violent man before the trial. She has to go back home, the source of the abuses, or to her parents’ home…a place the men knows. You see? There’s no way a woman can be safe in this society as long as men think to know how to protect women!


If we really want to protect women from animals (i can’t call those beings MEN), we should start to think different. We can’t assume to protect women the same people who abused women. Women has to think about women. If you really want an effective solution to protect women from violence is to let women write the law and organize the necessary measure to protect other women and the kids, once they report the crime to the police. Right now is stupid. It’s like letting the SS to think about the protection of the Jews from the same SS. It doesn’t make any sense!

What do you think? Am i right? Let me know with a comment!

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