Ukraine War: The World Will Never Be The Same!

Let me tell you something, brother! 2022 might be the “year 0” for humanity. What happened in Ukraine is awful, horrible and incredible to believe! I’m agree with you. But it’s also a huge opportunity: what will happen in the future is unclear, but things are changing and will change forever! No, it’s not going to be a sad post, but it’s just a post to try to understand what we need to learn from this horrible situation.

Ukraine: Story never disappears!

What happened in Ukraine, or what happened years ago in the Middle East, is not something so incredible, random or out of the blue. Nope! We see things happen and we feel it as a random act because we don’t know neither history nor the entire situation hidden behind the scene, where the cameras often turn off. None of the leaders are so stupid to start a war or a fight without any reason. We can not maybe comprehend the reason, because we have sometimes different way to see life and relationship with others, but they are there, in front or our eyes for decades. The big mistake we did and still do is to think that past belongs to the past and it will never come back. But it does…and sometimes in a very brutal and horrible way.

Country, leaders and people are mostly hypocrite!

Now a big part of the world is absolutely disgusted from what they see. And they have the right to do that! I mean, seeing innocent people die or being arrested because they say something against the regime is not acceptable, especially in the 21st Century. There’s only a problem. In the last two decades we have had businesses with Putin and some of the leader in Europe saw him as an example to follow. Now those same leaders are the one who are more hurt from the picture they see.

Didn’t they know him before? He was like this since the day he got the power. And the same is happening with the people. There were a pretty big part of Europe how watched Putin and said “Oh my God, that’s a great president! So firm, so powerful! I wish to have this kind of leader too in my country!”. Now those people are probably hiding themselves behind the mask “Save Ukraine”, “stop War” and other thinks like that!

Never believe to politician!

Absolutely not! In the last years we have seen politician talked too much, promised a lot and then forgot what they had just promised and said five minutes later. In Ukraine it was the same. We have always preached peace, freedom and protection for all the countries. Even Russia was open to peace and prosperity. Then, as soon as Ukraine only thought to join the NATO, Putin freaked out, having fear of American nuclear missiles at his front door. And now, to stop the war, Putin wants the neutrality of Ukraine. So, long story short, neutrality for Putin is that Ukraine can’t join the NATO, but it can ally with Russia anytime it wants. That’s what neutrality really means for Russia. We’ll see if it’s exactly what going to happen!

Ukraine: War is changed!

In this conflict we have see two kind of war.

Russia started this was in the classic way. First it sent the army where it wanted. Then Putin threats his “enemies” if they interfere with his plan and they he used the army (so soldier basically) to literally occupy a country. That worked until twenty years ago. Then we have the new kind or war.

That kind of war is not fought with army, but with sanctions. So, it’s not about sacrifice human being, but make sure that the economy of a country collapse. If you think about it, it’s way much more brutal, because you have no control of the enemy. As long as you have an army against you, you can see your enemy and you can fight it. The sanction are something you can kill or destroy with a bomb. Once your bank account is frozen or the companies will leave you alone, you will die, because you have nothing to eat or no more services. And the country can’t do nothing about it. Only accept the fact that it should probably give up to the war and forget about it!

That’s a freaking huge news. Because as we could see, an army is marching through Ukraine, but the Russian economy is about to collapse. America and the European Union are now wasting an army, but they got way better results that Russia! And all the country all over the world are well aware that if a nation like Russia can collapse, then a lot of country could live the same faith or even worse, if only they try to start a freaking stupid war.


This conflict is a huge turning point in the war and in the way international politics will be lived in the future. I am sure that now country leaders will be way much more suspicious when another leader will say something…especially if this leader is a dictator or someone with “delusions of grandeur”. I am also pretty sure that what happening in Russia with the economy can be a huge reason not to start a stupid war….like China with Taiwan, for example!

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