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As soon as yo write “blog” on Google and you click on “search”, there are a huge amount of article or blog posts that try to help you to find the right way to be the “next big thing” on internet, or in this world in general. A read few of them and i realized that they are all the same. Not that they are the same post, with only different authors, but what they write is exactly the same things. And i try them myself. The question right now i have is the following one: are they useful somehow?

Blog: Be careful what you write!

That’s the first advice almost everywhere. If you want to have success you have to be sure to write correctly, without any kind of grammar error. More than that, it’s required to be entertaining and unique. Those three things are good, especially the first one. Writing without any grammar error is good for everybody, not only for your business. The other two thing are actually very hard to achieve: being entertaining is not actually up to you, because the other decide if you are entertaining or not; being unique is hard, because you will sound like someone else, one way or the other, because we are different, but also very similar to the other. If you can do something with the grammar, you can’t work so much on being unique and entertaining, because those two things are not completely on your control. You can try, but you will not be 100% entertaining for EVERYBODY and unique in this planet.

Blog: Interact with other to have interaction!

That’s, in my opinion, not so true. In internet there’s no rules ro laws that force me to interact with people. If i like someone, i can decide either to leave an interaction or just move on. This is how internet works. Why do i say that? Because in some post i read something like “if you interact with someone, there are chances that this person will interact with you in the future”. Well, it’s not completely wrong. As i said, we are not forced to do anything we don’t want to. You can interact with lot of blogger, trying to bring them on your side, but if they don’t have any interest in you or in your content, this kind of “helping each other” philosophy will never happen.

I live it personally. I interact with a lot of blog, because they are good. But almost none of them interact with me. It can’t be because they have no time, no interest or they care only about themselves. There are a lot of reason not to have an interaction back. So, don’t believe when people say “Oh, the more you interact, the more people will interact with you!”, because it’s a wrong thought all the time. The only think that make people interact with you is that what you offer is good for them. So, you have to find the right person to talk to. You can’t interact in a gaming forum, if you are a food blogger, for example. Because nobody in that forum care about food! That’s what i am talking about. Just leaving comment or a random like, with the hope to be followed, is not good!

Blog: Sharing on social media!

It’s the same with the interaction. You can post whatever you want, whenever you want. If people are not interested, they will never help you to grow. So, technically, sharing your ideas on social media can be pretty useless. Unless, your reader don’t share the content for you on social media. In that case, social media are absolutely helpful and a wonderful way to grow! The problem with social media is that too much people and a very bad algorithm. It can happen that you content are seen by people they don’t care what you have to offer. It happen to me often on Instagram: i leave a like on a single picture and then the Algorithm think that i love only that thing. It’s pretty insane and annoying. If you post your content it’s all fine, but it can happen you can have the result you wish for.

Schedule vs notification!

Well, technically schedule your contents on your blog is not a bad idea at all! The only problem is that we often take this “schedule thing” too much seriously. As a user, i just don’t care if there are new content from my favorite content creator constantly. I mean, i would be happy, but i have a life to life, so if he or she had time to post something i will enjoy it, otherwise i will do something else. What is way much more important for me is the notification. That’s a huge help, because as soon as you post something new, i will know it. So, if you have notification, scheduling is no more useful, because no matter when i post, people will know it and they will read it. If i had to choose, better to invest in notification than in a schedule. In this way i am free to post and my follower will know it every single time! Simple and effective.


Reading what other people tell you to do is good, but it’s not necessary, because often the advices don’t work at all or at least they are not good for you and your idea. The think i can advice you is to test all this idea and see which one can be helpful for you or which one might be something good with a little bit of work! More you don’t need!

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