Facebook: The Beginning Of The End!

It was 2009. It was a great time. No smartphone, no social media and no people on the street watching thier phone constantly, completely forgetting to see where they are walking! Those were good times. And then something horrible happened in internet: Facebook, the very first social media. Please, someone get back in time and take away the computer from Zuckemberg’s hands. Let’s celebrate the beginning of the end!

Social Media: what a Wonderful Invention…

Social media, especially Facebook! THE BIGGEST INVENTION of the century! Yeah, you may thing there are other invention that are worthy to be the “invention of the century” (like fast internet connection or streaming porn), but to be honest: non of those invention have changed our lifestyle. Gossip, news, fight between people, insults…everything is changed. We are connected constantly with the world and we are always updated, either we are talking about our friends or what happened on the other side of the planet. We can know everything we want! It’s amazing!

…Until People started to use it!

And then all the good thing have always a huge problem: people! Humanity doesn’t deserve anything, because everything we touch, we ruin it! We did it with the planet and now with social media. The problem of this platform is that we are allowed to share things. And i don’t like that! Not because i don’t want to share. It’s because i don’t like what and how often people share things, thinking what the post is somehow useful. To be honest: 95% of the things we see on social media are pretty useless. And Facebook is the king of social media when we talk about something useless.

Between stupid pictures, fake news and aggressive comments, the quantity of useless material is huge. I had to quit social media. I still have my accounts, but i don’t use them. You can say that i may follow the wrong person, but it’s not. You have no idea how often i tried to follow different people, the results is still the same: i don’t care what people say. And i am not the only one. Nobody cares what people do or say, but those same people think that sharing all the little thing with other is a mission.

Facebook as a big brother!

On Facebook there’s everything. Literally everything. I am pretty sure that Facebook knows lot of people more than those people themselves. Right now, social media are not just something funny you can do in internet, but a huge database of private information…for free. In few years, internet has become a huge open source database, that Facebook and all the social media use to make a huge amount of money. I would do the same!

The big problem is that we are somehow under control. Facebook knows everything we do, because we love that social media know what we do. But in the same time, we get mad about our privacy…on social media. It’s like get mad about Formula One, because the car are too fast! Social media and privacy doesn’t belong together. We give up on privacy as soon as we sing in. You can’t demand privacy is a sharing platform. Are you kidding me? If you are concern about privacy, you don’t just sing in! Easy!

Social media and Facebook make us stupid!

Not because we destroy our brain with stupid thing…well, not at least. In Italy we say “il troppo storpia”. Now, i don’t know the exact translation, but it means that too much in never good. And Facebook, like every social media, are not an exceptions. It’s true that we have all the possible information all together, but at what cost? We are not able to sort things out. We take everything for real and true. Which means that often we start a huge storm when it’s absolutely not necessary.

Now internet if full of fake news and not necessary “shitstorms” against someone innocent! We got stupid, because we know too much and we have no idea what to do with a lot of information all together. For that reason i try to stay away from social media: it’s too much all together! It’s like being hit by a train. In addition to that, i don’t want to be sick by all this toxic people who love to make you feel stupid or mad, just because it’s cool. I know that it’s not good for business, because a blog needs social media, but better be unknown and mentally happy than “famous” and sick!


I don’t like social media too much. I loved Facebook in the beginning, where people were still normal. As soon as the amount of account were too big and people get madder every day, i quit. I think that social media are a wonderful idea, but people have turned this amazing tool in a living hell full of rage, fight and fake news! Please, someone got back in time and prevent Zuckemberg to create Facebook!

See ya


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