Being a Mom and a Sex Worker: is it possible?


Asa Akira, Jessa Rhodes, Jayden Jaymes. “Who are they?” are you probably asking yourself. Well, thanks for asking. For those who has no idea who they are, each of these women is a wonderful pornstar, that has helped to make great the porn industry. And they are also mothers. The “problem” is that these moms are or were used to be adult performers. Now the question is: is it possible to be a celebrity in porn and mom at the same time? Because being a female adult performer is great, but the world doesn’t want them to have a family! Just let’s think about it together!

Sex Worker as a disgust activity!

Let’s start from there. For a lot of people, maybe even for you that you are reading, being a pornstar is an humiliating way to make money. In addition to that, men see every single woman in the porn industry as a…well, you can probably imagine how they call them. The “funny” and “sad” part of the story is that those men are so busy sometimes to insults those women, when their left hand is often busy doing “you know what!”.

I have to tell something obvious, but not so much after all. Adult performers, men or women, are actors. They have a role and they play it in a porn video or in a porn movie. That’s what an adult performer is. They are not just perverted people. Every time you see a video, you see a set, actors and people behind the scene who make sure that everything look perfect!

Mom: Work vs Private!

This is actually a problem that every “celebrity actors” maybe have. Fans and people don’t understand that what they see is not the person they get when the camera is off. And the same is for adult performers. You see two or more people having sexual fun, but this is not what you get in real life. Just because a woman is a pornstar doesn’t mean she has sex all the time, with completely stranger. It’s not like that! They are normal women, with dreams, hopes fear and worries. Just because they are confident and they look like an “object” in the movie, doesn’t mean they act like object in the real life. This is by far the wrongest thing to think.

Mom: Sex Performers as a bad example!

And the result of what i just said until right now is that women adult performers are not a good example to follow, because they teach wrong value to the kid. And this is actually something insane for me. I mean, can you explain me what is wrong to teach people to be sexually happy? No, seriously, can some one explain me. Because i don’t understand it! In a world where people are sometimes so worried, afraid of showing themselves and what they want, those women are to watch and be inspired from. I mean, those ladies get naked in front of the world and they are confident with it. That’s something we should protect, not insult.

Pornstar can be actually a good moms!

I think they are. Their job should not define them. Just because they are naked on camera, having sex with lot of men, does not mean they are professional cheater in real life. Actually they are way much more demanding when they look for a partner. And i don’t see anything wrong with being a adult performer and a mom. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. Showing her confident and happiness in what you do is not a crime whatsoever. To be honest, i would be much happier of a mom who gets naked in front of a camera than a mom who uses to be a gold digger. In addition to that, she can be the best teacher in sex, when the son or the daughter will start to ask questions. I mean, who better than her can explain sex and live it with confidence?


Yes, i am actually happy that women in the porn industry show the fact that they become parent. And i am very happy about the fact that they don’t care at all of the other and they think about their happiness! Adult performers have the same right to be happy in a family like every other human being in the world. Just because they are pornstar does not make them unworthy to be a mom.

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