Let’s Get Naked!


This is not a post about sexuality. Absolutely not! This should be a celebration of what we are! Let me explain you, because nobody is naked, but we all should be naked ALL THE TIME! I know that i might sound absolutely crazy, but please, here me out before to insult me!

What does being naked mean?

This is the question we should start from. Otherwise everything would be maybe weird or stupid. In this specific moment, for me being naked means to have nothing on. And clothes have nothing to do with it right now. We are all never naked. Even if we have often no clothes on, we have still something on. Something we use to cover something. And this something is who we are. We hide it all the time. Even if we are with the closest person in the world, we tend to have always something on, just to protect us from judgement. It seems that we have fear to express ourselves. For whatever reason, we are not confident with what we are! And this is sad! I do it as well. I “protect” myself even with those who are very close to me. Even if i try to be naked with others, i just can’t. It’s think too strong to be all in once. To be completely naked with the other is the hardest thing of the world! It’s a long journey where we have to find ourselves. But why we can be naked with the other all the time?

Why are we not naked?

Well, in the very beginning i always thought we do it because we are afraid and worried of other’s judgement. In can be a good reason for that! Then i realized that it’s not only about that. We are never naked with the other, because we are raised in that way. It’s something normal to do that, even if it’s not! Since we are little kids, we look up to our parents, or all the adults around us, and we see them acting differently, according to the place and the people around them. In the family they act in one way, as soon as they step out from the front door, the become another person. And all the other adults did that.

So, when you are a kid, you think that this kind of behavior is the only one accepted from the society. If you act like the other do, you can achieve everything you want, because the other do that and they achieve what they want. But this kind of behavior is toxic and often drives us nuts. Why? Because we have to lie constantly. We have to be someone we are not. At work you have to just follow the rules, at home you have to be responsible and with your friend you have to be sometimes as they want you to be. In the end, this game will destroy you…from within. And often it’s hard to get the piece back together where they were.

More than that, faking something you are not will bring you nowhere. If you really want to be successful, you have to be yourself, your truly self! All the other “version” of yourself will make you fail!

Let’s start to get naked!

We have to start to take off what we have. Hiding ourselves is bad. It makes us sick and feel bad and will not lead us where we want to be! We need to be best version or ourselves. And the best version or ourselves is our true nature. There’s no better version that the original version. Are you lunatic, pragmatic or you are a very sensible and emphatic person? Be what you are. You have only one life. If you waste it, pretending to be someone you are not, this life is not worthy to be called in that way. I am not saying that we have to show everything we are all in once, because often can be a lot to process. But we should start to take one layer at the time. We have to teach people and society that we are way much better under all the different layers we wear.


We are in a situation where people are well aware that masks don’t work anymore. Being naked is the only way to be better! We demand from the other to be honest and genuine, but we are not ready to do that! It’s time to make that first step. One layer after the other, be patient and be confident in what you are. You are not perfect. Nobody is. But what’s behind all those layers is the best version of yourself, the one you should show all the time. Forget the lies. The truth is one million times better!

See ya


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