100 Followers! Another Milestone!


Hi Everybody…it’s been a while since i wrote my last post. Honestly, it’s not because i had nothing to say, because i have a couple of good ideas, but it’s was because i didn’t want to. I didn’t want to share my thoughts with the people, because i was not in the mood to do that! More than that, the situation right now is not actually that great and the world itself doesn’t give me lot to talk about. So, i left my WordPress account closed for three weeks. Then, a couple of days ago i reopened it and i find out something cool: i reached 100 followers.

The Triple Digit!

I reached 100 followers! Congratulation to me! Well, technically in the exact moment i am writing this post i have got 105 followers, but nonetheless i finally reached one of the biggest goal: the triple digit! Right now, looking at that number i feel like Golberg in WCW. I feel great. In a moment of my life where i have no plans for my future whatsoever, seeing that i have achieved something (even if a small achievement for some of you), makes me happy.

This Blog is Good!

I had my thought about the health of my blog. When you write something you hope to write something good…or at least worthy the time.More than that, you hope that your blog can walk alone, without a huge effort. That was my goal in the very beginning: a self-sufficient and funny blog. Why was that? Because i am one of those people who got pissed about other content in few second. Those posts might be very-well written, but they are absolutely boring. I wanted to be sure that the people in my space are actually in the condition to say in the end “oh, it’s interesting stuff!”

And the last three weeks are the proof for that. Even if i didn’t write anything, people followed me, left likes and comments helping this post to break the wall of the 100 followers. Which means that this blog is interesting and it can “walk alone” without my constant help. Of course i have to keep an eye on it, but it’s working for itself! That’s amazing.

The Next Future after 100 Followers?

Well…i have no idea. In the very beginning i was actually in the condition to write 2, maybe three post a day, seven days a week. It was too much and in ended up losing the happiness in writing. I was exhausted and i was empty with ideas. And if you are a blogger is not a great situation where you sit in front of your computer without knowing what to communicate.

Luckily for me, this achievement is a good way to get back SLOWLY in the flow. Will i come back writing with a constant schedule? Maybe…maybe not. I don’t know. In this moment i just want to have fun writing. I have ideas for this blog, but i need the will to sit and spend hours of my day to develop these ideas. And i will never have this will if i force myself in a schedule that will piss me off. I will write when i will want to. I hope you can understand.

The Next Goal after the “100 Followers” milestone?

Plans are right now a very unknown word for me. Let’s put it int his way: i don’t want to put any kind of limits. I can say right now that i want to achieve the “1000 followers”, but to be honest: i spent 5 months to get to one hundred, i will need at least several months to get the one thousand. And, by the way, i might be in the position not to achieve this goal at all! So, let’s keep working on my blog. It’s in a good shape, people are interested and aware of my existence and they appreciate what i say. There’s nothing better than that! More it’s for me impossible to say! Let me get back to work and will see what will happen!


Thank you to every single one of my followers (new and especially old) and those who left a like or a comment to help me to reach the goal of 100 followers. It means a lot for me! I don’t promise anything, but i will try to be a little bit more presence. Thank you!

See ya


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