Privacy: is That something Real?


The more internet and the digital business grow and get bigger, the more services we use on internet, the bigger is the concerns in everyone of us regarding our privacy. Privacy is a big thing apparently! Keeping our secrets and sensitive data protected and away from not good hands is essential to live a life without too much to think about. However, i have a little bit of problem with privacy. Which one? Well, read more and let me know!

Privacy: Digital Services are amazing…

Everything started with Amazon and eBay. For the very first time, we were able to sell and buy things without even leaving our house. It was quite the revolution. I mean, how cool is that to empty your bank account buying everything you can possibly can! It’s amazing! I personally use a lot of services to buy and watch things. If, in the past, those kind of services are for only crazy people, with a decent internet connection (crazy because back in the day the data protection was a joke), now it’s usual for everyone to buy something on Amazon, sell things on eBay, watch movies or sport events on Netflix or Disney+, DAZN or ESPN or buy some food on those delivery food apps. Every single one of us uses at least one of the hundreds service in the world. I am sure about that!

Privacy: …but they need informations!

If you want to buy something on those sites you usually shop, they need to know who you are and where to deliver your order. I mean, if Amazon doesn’t know your name and where the good has to be shipped, how can Amazon elaborate your order? It just can’t. And the same happens with every single service you use. More than that, you need to pay these services. Since you can’t pay cash, for obvious reason, you have to use digital money, like a credit card or your bank account. To make sure that everything works properly, a certain amount of informations has to be given to those website that provide those service. Now, the question is the following one:

Is it Privacy still a “good to protect”?

I am not sure about that! I don’t think there something to protect anymore. Hear me out. If you need a bank account (because you need a bank account) a lot of data has to be said, if you need an insurance the information are even more. Even if you don’t use internet to seel, buy or watch thing, your information are already out there. How? Think about the registry office. They have data of you and nobody is mad about that! So, technically, we have given up on privacy as soon as we born, because the registry office of city, where you will live, knows your name, your address and all your parent’s informations. Privacy is just an illusion. We don’t have any kind of privacy. We have never had a privacy to protect, when we talk about personal informations.

But we need to protect our life!

However, even if the public offices know everything about us, because they have to, we need to make sure that private companies don’t have too much information…just the necessary information to receive the service you are paying for. Because those companies are sometimes not quite transparent regarding the use of our informations. That’s the key. It’s not protecting our privacy, but it’s protecting our lives. Because if your bank account has been hacked, your credit card has been cloned or your address is visible to everyone you can lose everything or live a lot of trouble. So, we can use another address or the bills and use prepaid card for paying, for example. In this way, if your account has hacked, you lose only the amount of money in the account. But, more important, we should not buy on not serious or very well known website. Because some people give information to not good site and then are pissed because their informations are online. What did you expect?


If you want to protect your data, you need just one thing: use your mind. Think if the site is reliable and safe for your data. Then, make sure to give the least amount of personal information, just the necessary amount of information to make sure to receive the services and, more important, pay attention and don’t take things for granted. Because ANY COMPANY will do the best for you! They will use your data to maake lot of money! If you don’t protect your stuff, nobody will do for you.

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