Spring: An Endless Love!


It’s already April, i know. I should write this post three weeks ago, but i don’t care! I write right now, because i want to write this post right now. More than that, here where i live, the weather is not actually that great: cold, cloudy and pretty rainy. Not exactly what i imagine when i hear the word “spring”. Spring is by far the best season of the year! Yeah, Autumn, Winter and Summer have something to offer, but spring is something special! Why?

Wonderful weather in Spring

I live in Germany, so normally the winter here are pretty long, pretty cold and with a lot of snow. In the last few years is not like that, but normally in winter i suffer the very cold temperature. As soon as March 21st comes, i know exactly that the hard times are gone and now i can think of something way much positive: sun, warm temperature, heavy clothes can stay in the closet for a while and the opportunity to stay outside my house without freezing my body. There’s nothing better than that!

Long days!

There’s another think i love in Spring: days are longer every single day. I know that days become longer since the 21st of December, but for weird reason i see the transformation only in Spring. Maybe it’s because i have a way better mood, or maybe is because i spend much more time outside. The fact is that i love to see how early the sun goes up and how late the sun goes down. It’s so amazing to know that every day you have more time you can spend under the sunlight and let your body enjoy all the benefit of the sun.

Colors in Spring are amazing!

This is why i love spring so damn much. In the beginning you have the nature from the winter. So, trees and bushes have no leaves or flower and it looks all so brown and “naked”. Then, day after day, the entire nature starts to dress-up, like a lady for a gala dinner. At first you have some green. Then, all of a sudden, the flowers take he control of the nature, giving to me this feeling of joy and happiness. I don’t know, but every time i walk on the street and i see all the trees with so many colors make my heart happy! Pink, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and so many other colors make the cities like a living painting!

Sky in Spring is just perfect!

Sky is the last thing i love the most in Spring. The blue is more intense. In winter the sky is never blue. It’s more like white, even if there’s no clouds in the sky. But what i love the most in spring is the clouds. In winter you have just a white layer wherever you look. And most of the time is absolutely dark, because the cloud are just very big. In Spring the clouds are way much more gentle. They come, they cover the sun just for a little bit and then the sun comes back. It’s like the sun plays “hide and seek” with us. This game is so lovely, because the sun is intense but with this clouds, the skin can have some time of relax, it can absorb all the benefit from the sunshine and then be ready for another sunlight!


The time of the year from March to June is the best time of the year for me! I love the color, the sun, the sky and everything i see! And you? Do you love spring?

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