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Hello, fellas on WordPress! How you doing? It’s been a while since the last time i wrote something. Actually is almost a month right now. I don’t tell you why i was not so active recently (i wrote a post about that), but right now i want to talk to you with something weird has been happening since the moment i stopped writing on a daily base. Keep reading, because it’s weird.

WordPress: My Expectation during the “Void Period”.

That’s the thing we need to keep in mind all the time: in internet is crucial to be active. The more you are active on a platform or social media, the more people can see what you offer and the can be aware of your existence. If in the Pacific Ocean there is only a black drop, nobody will see it. Completely different is when this black drop is in the middle of billions of other black drops. With this in mind, i was well aware that my blog would have looked like the Sahara Desert: a huge place with no people in it. And that’s exactly what happened: the number of visitors decreased rapidly as the daily visits. However, as i said in the beginning of the post, something weird happened.

WordPress: Leaving Likes and Follow BLINDLY.

It’s raining Likes!

This is exactly what happened. Every single day i opened my dashboard with all the statistic and i noticed that every singe day someone left like on my post, even the very old ones. I was happy and surprised. Actually i thought that post written months ago were completely swallowed by the black hole of internet called time. But i was wrong. WordPress algorithm works not that bad, but people in the platform are still able to read my old post. I don’t actually know if it’s a good or a bad thing (looking at the quality of those post), but i was pleased to see that i was able to collect like even without writing regularly.

Followers one after the other!

Even funnier is the fact that, out of nowhere, i started to collect followers here on WordPress. Think of that: i was inactive for weeks (no post, no comment, no like left on other blog) and still people could found me, and started to follow me. There’s only one problem: they have no idea who i am. How is it possible? I don’t know. The only thing i know is that those new followers started to follow without even having read one of my content. Those people have no idea what i do. I could actually write about violence, racism and describe every single possible abused and those people would still maybe follow me. Am i the only one who think that this is weird, or my brain think just too much?

WordPress: Is it wise to follow blindly?

This is the only question that matter right now! Is it fine to follow someone and then completely ghost the followed person? Because this is exactly what we are talking about: following someone and then not interact with him at all. Is it fine? In my stupid opinion, i don’t think it’s fine. When i was a “full time” blogger, i expect an interaction from every single followers. It’s not so wrong! I mean, if you follow me is because you are interested in what i do.

You can like it or not, but you still want to be in touch with me through a comment or a like. If you follow and you don’t care at all of what that person has to say, why are you following this person int he first place? There are blogger who have created a “job” around the blog and they need “real followers” to plan the next moves.


If you want to follow someone, on WordPress or on social media, be sure that you have the will and the time to be there for that person. I am not saying that you have to be there all the time, because we have our lives and we don’t have always time, but make sure to support that followed person as much as you can. If you don’t care what that content creators offer, just don’t start to follow. It’s a waste of time for you and a “fake fanbase” for the content creator.

What do you think? Am i right?

See ya


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6 thoughts on “WordPress Community is Weird!

  1. Well welcome to the world of vanity metrics Mauro. The very nature of the fakery of personal blogging and social communications.

    Once you start to figure out how your real stats work you’ll see what is what.

    1. Like other people’s posts they’ll definitely like yours too

      1. I’m not so sure about that! Just because you like something from someone else doesn’t mean necessarely that they will like what you offer.

        1. I always like posts of people who like mine. And my friends do the same too

  2. I totally agree. I have over 500 followers and never get more than 10 or 12 likes on any post. I have noticed a lot of followers are businesses who just want me to check them out and buy what they are selling. Most of my followers never comment. What’s worse is that some press like as soon as I send the post proving they didnt read the whole thing. I think the majority just ghost us

    1. I like if you like other people’s posts they’ll definitely like yours

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