Writing: The Less, The Better!


I am probably the least consistence blogger out there. Let’s face it. Last post of mine is months old. Or maybe i am the only person out there who thinks that writing is a cool thing! Anyway, last time i posted something here, Galileo was still alive. So, it’s been a while since i sit on my desk to write something. The reason is actually very simple: i had no will to write and no idea to share. However, something changed things around here.

Writing lot of things might not be the way.

Let me be clear. I know that there are “certain rules” to follow if you want to make tons of money in internet, especially if you are a writer, but are those rules useful somehow? I have been seeing this for a while now. In the last months i was out of blogging. Well, i was not completely out, but i logged in without writing a single letter. And every single day i looked at the same thing: more likes and more followers. To be more specific: i needed more than a hundreds post just to get one hundred follower, but only a couple of posts to get 26 more. Which means than when i was active i gained 1 follower every post, when i was inactive i gained 13 followers every post. I was wondering, why is that?

Writing: Quality matters!

Yes, indeed. I don’t want to sound like a egomaniac right now, maybe i will, but i have just one question: if my post where not that good, would people leave a like or follow me? I don’t think so. If my content were garbage, every single user would just ignore them. But they didn’t. Even if my posts are now a couple of months old (it’s a freaking eternity around here in internet), they are still in the position to attract people, like a black hole.

It’s kinda nice, don’t you think? Which means that i am not that bad after all. I should learn a little bit of consistency, it’s a huge weak spot, but looking at the writing ability alone, i am not that bad at all! So, if you write your content well, there are high chances that your contents can live a lot longer that usual…or than you actually expect.

Writing: SEO is the “Key”!

I was not 100% sure about that. I thought it was a thing only for control-freak people. But i was wrong. The Search Engine Optimization is a good way to make sure to let your content live longer on the internet. With the right words, the write keywords and the right tools, everything is possible. Maybe the result won’t be there immediately, but in the long term it’s a thing that can make a big difference. I am pretty surprised on my results, especially thinking that i am very small and very inactive. Yes, SEO is something i would really recommend, if someone would want to start this madness called blogging…or any other project with internet involved.


When you want to share something, be careful! If you pay attention on the detail or you spend a couple of minutes to make sure to have a high-quality content to share, you will probably become the next big thing…just because you spend some time to make sure to share something worthy the read. They, it’s up to you to decide what to do, but if i were you, i would play the long game.

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2 thoughts on “Writing: The Less, The Better!

  1. Jaya Avendel – Jaya Avendel is a micro-poetess and word witch from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, passionate about life where it intersects with writing and the dreamscapes lost in between. A diversely published writer, she creates poetry, prose, and writing guides to help you improve your craft!
    Jaya Avendel says:

    SEO is definitely important, and something I am only recently learning to implement well! Love that you highlight it as one of the important aspects of producing quality writing. 🙂

    1. Thank you Java for the comment! I didn’t know how important SEO really was, until i took a step back from blogging and take a break. There i saw with my own eyes how a big role it played. From now on i will try everything to make sure that my post are SEO friendly.
      I can’t wait to read another comment of yours in the future!

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