Summer: Everybody’s Lover!


Who doesn’t love summer? The period between June and September (or from December to March if you live in the southern Hemisphere) is the best. In the air there is that feeling of life and freedom, that you can feel in any other time of the year, the days are long and the night are often full of opportunity to fall in love…or have good time. I personally love Summer, not as much as Spring, but i wait these three months since the end of September. Why is that?

Summer: freaking hot Sun

In some part of the world is not that great, because it’s too hot. But to be honest: summer sunny days are the best! Your skin change color and you don’t have to wear too much clothes. What you need is a t-shirt, short trousers, flip-flops and you are ready to go out. In winter you can’t afford that easy lifestyle. Yes, maybe at midday or in the early afternoon walking on the street is not a good experience. I’m agree!

But what about evening? The sun goes down, but still you have this nice warm feeling on your skin that hug you until the night comes. Talking about evening, you can stay out way much longer that winter. Even if it’s 7 or 8 o’clock there’ still daylight and you have the feeling that days are longer and you can do much more. If you tell me that summer days are bad, you are not my friend!

Bikini: the Beauty of Summer!

As a man, there nothing better than women in bikini. You can call me a pervert, but my eyes are happy to see naked with only a bikini on. I’m sorry. When i am on the beach and i see all that beauty, my body gets alive like never before and my eyes are very happy. And the best part is that bikini is not our invention. Women invented Bikini for women, just because summer it’s too hot. For once, women are comfortable and men can appreciate what women show…and it’s often a wonderful view!

And in this years is even better, because women started to eat healthy and to get to the gym. Which means that men can see wonderful bodies walking on the seaside. In summer i am happy to be a man, because i have the pleasure to see “almost naked” women and women are happy to be “almost naked”. Summer is so cool!

Short clothes: The collateral effect!

And the situation doesn’t change to much in the city. Just because the heat in the city is as big as at the beach, women show their bodies as well. They don’t eat bikinis, but legs, belly, back and feet there is plenty of things a man can admire. Yes, i know, for women can be not that good all those eyes on them, but if i see two beautiful legs in front of me, i take a look at them. Oh, and i haven’t talked about those t-shirt with a very deep neckline, where we can see a lot. And the best part is that you don’t have to go in specific places: everywhere is like that! Listen, June, July and August are the best months to be a man.

Tainted Skin: the Beauty of Summer!

In winter our skin has got the same color of a mozzarella. It’s not that cool, especially if you have pimples on your face. But in summer is a completely another story. Your skin change color and become darker and absolutely amazing. The tan make every single body even more beautiful. I literally fall in love every year with my body when i see it turning brown. And it’s a wonderful thing to see all those tainted bodies on the street, at the beach at the parks that are enjoying the beauty of the best season on the year!

Great mood

Last, but not least, i am often in a great mood. I wake up early in the morning and the sun is there to say me “hello”. During the day, the summer light follows me. In the evening the setting sun is with me and wish me “good night” with that warm hug. What else do you need to be happy in summer?


Summer is great and there’s nothing you can say to make me change my mind. Those three months are the best months and we have to use them in the best possible way we can. So, enjoy the sun, be happy for the heat and for all the beauty summer gives us!

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