Trust is HARD!

When people talk about trust it looks like a big deal! You know, something you have to fight for, don’t take for granted and keep it as the best treasure of the entire universe. I think, however, that trust is a bad b**ch! I don’t trust anyone. End of the story. For this reason i am alone. But to be honest, can you blame me for that choice? Giving trust to someone is like playing with a matchstick close to a TNT box. That’s why i don’t trust!

Trust means Knowing the other!

Let’s start from the very beginning. We don’t give our trust to every single person we know. Before to say “i trust him/her” we need to know someone as best as we can possibly can. Which means that you have to invest time, mental effort and often money to get out and talk with this person. Sorry, but i don’t want to waste my time. We all know that, sooner or later, this person will disappoint us or will abuse of our trust and he or she will hurt us. Why do i have to know someone when this someone is ready with a knife behind his/her bag, ready to be used against me? I know that out there there are people worthy the try, but in this specific moment in time, apart from my family, i am surrounded by selfish people, who would sell their soul to the devil, just for a little bit of success! And i didn’t even want that! Nope, those people deserves nothing but disregard!

Trust is Unknown and uncertainty

Let’s say that, for whatever reason, you decide to trust someone. Can you imagine the size of the mental effort you have to put into it? If you don’t get it, let me explain you. You don’t live 24/7 with this person. Which means that you have no control whatsoever. In less words, you don’t know who this person is talking with, where he/she really is and, more important, you have no idea what he/she is talking about. It can be sport, something easy, but it can be also a secret you just said him/her. I don’t want to live with the fear that someone someday will know something private about me, because the person i trusted wasn’t able to keep his/her mouth closed. It’s too much! Every day i would live with fear and anxiety. Better be mentally happy and alone than with people and mentally sick.

Trust means that your Life is not in your control

Don’t you believe me? Ask to all the superstar. Rumors are something they hate the most, not because people talk about them, but it’s because the topic is something private that should not be of public domain. Those “news” don’t come out of nowhere. Maybe some of them are completely made up, but lot of them are true private things. Who you think give those news? Someone close to the person involved. Which means that the victim of the scandal trusted a person and this person has hurt that trust. To us will not happen something that big, i ge that. However, the feeling of losing control of life is a common feeling when our private things are out there. Trust someone means giving up part of our life control and give it to a outside person. Are you sure to be ready to do that? It’s a lo to ask!

Endless source of problem

You can say that what i have been saying so far is a full bag of garbage. It’s your opinion and you are free to think what you want. One thing we are all agreed on: trust is a pain in the ass. It really is. You have to be sure of that person, you have to control him/her, you have to me mentally strong and be ready to fight. Sorry, but i don’t want all of this in my life. I want an easy life and no problem. Life is already a big source or problems, i don’t want to create additional sources!


In my opinion, better to build a huge wall. Meet and talk with everyone, have a wonderful time together, but NEVER SAY any of your secrets. It’s too dangerous! I don’t want to take any risk to see my life fall apart because i chose the wrong person.

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