Working: The Endless Circle of Sadness!

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When you are 20 or 25 and you are out of school/University, you thing of working as the way to make your dreams, hopes and expectation come true. For the first time you can start to make money on your own and all the doors are theoretically open. Automatically, you think that with a job you can get where you always wanted to be. Well, with money you can do literally everything, but the only question is: at what cost?

Working: Limited Time

Working is a weird concept. It’s true that you make money, sadly often not enough, but you don’t have not much time to enjoy them. During the week you have to work 40, 50, maybe 60 hours. Can you explain me when you have the opportunity to do with the money what you want to do? You just don’t have time to do that. You wake up, you work and you go to bed. That’s your life. Every single day, for 40 years of your life. And when you have finally the opportunity to enjoy your life, you are too old or too beaten up to do things you always wanted to do. Is it very sad, isn’t it?!

Yes, you have some days free every year…but we are talking of 30 days a year….and in a year there are 365 days. Which means that only 8% of your time of your year is for you. You give the rest of the time to someone who will not appreciate you. Talking about bosses…

Working: Your Bosses are your nightmare!

90% of the bosses around the world are assholes. I don’t know if they do it on purpose or they have no idea how bad they are, but they make sometimes our lives miserable. And for what? Just to mane much more money? They put pressure on us just to be richer, when in truth, once you die all those money become useless. All the bosses around the world are running to become richer and powerful, destroying our lives, not understanding the real meaning of life…and for sure getting powerful and rich is not the meaning at all! I don’t want to become a boss, not because i don’t like money, but because it’s too much pressure, i don’t want to look like an idiot and destroy someone innocent.

In my opinion bosses and employees have to work together to be happy all together. Why are bosses so blind? Why don’t they want understand they this race is bad for everyone?

Working: Energy you won’t have!

When you start you are ready and full of energy. In few weeks you realized that your tank is empty. You are tired mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. Some of us are completely drained and they can’t work as good as they used to in the very beginning. It happens to me all the time. I start with lot of hopes and new fresh energy, then i see how stupid people are and i get tired or the situation pretty quickly. In few weeks, the only thing i want is to stay in bad all day or put a bomb in the building. I don’t know, but working makes me sick every time. I changed now several workplaces, the result is still the same: i get tired and i lose the will to do anything, both at work and in my life. Please, tell me i am not the same!

I try with all i have to think that working is not bad and people, especially the one in charge, are not bad, but the problem that the reality is always there. I wish to live in a fantasy land, where everything is perfect, but i just can’t…


Working is bad. No matter where you work, we are forced to spend time in a place we don’t want to be. It is the worst thing ever. Luckily there are now with internet new way to define ourselves, but to be honest: how many of us can actually say to live with internet? For us, there’s no hopes and we have to accept the fact that we will be always sad…unless we don’t break the chain and set us free, define the rules.

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