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We are seven billion people. We are all different and unique. However, when we talk or discuss there’s only one way to end up the discussion: either one way or the other. What i have in my mind is the following thought: Are we sure this is the right way to talk with people?

Let’s start from the basic.

As i said, we are seven billion people and we approaching the 8 billions very fast. When we talk about a topic, all the time we see humaninty as a “two blocks community”, where one side see thing one way and the other in a completely opposite way. Is it true? In my opinion, absolutely not. I mean, there may be “two main blocks”, but inside them there are a huge amount of shades. It’s never completely black or completely white. Inbetweeen there are a huge mix and variations we don’t see…or don’t want to see. Why are we keeping out this shades from the equation? It’s absolutely not right. Here i have a couple of example.

Let’s talk: Politics.

Let’s talk about politics. Either you are with me or you are aganist me. It’s not only a matter of power, it’s often a matter of ideas. Do you really think that this is a healthy way to see people and the world itself? Absolutely not. Nobody will be 100% with or against an idea. There will be always a shade, a different way to be with or against someone or something. Maybe some people thinks that the bill is good, but the money are not enough, maybe other say the timing is not quite right, or there are others who affirm that the bill is not perfect.

But it doesn’t mean that they are with or against you at all cost. they just say that there are space of improvement in one direction or the other. It’s the duty of the people in charge to be sure that every shades of opinion is heard and taken in consideration for the final decision. In this way the bill will be better, voted at the right time and with the right conditions.

That’s the problem that often politics has: either black or white. Politics forgets often that there are also hundreds of shades of grey that need to be observed and analysed.

Let’s talk: Internet.

In internet those shades are even more visible. Do you want to play a little silly game? Let’s take some times and read all the comment you can possibly read on a video from one of the biggest youtubers out there. You will see that there are those who will love or hate the youtuber, no matter what, there are people who have a softer way to express the appreciation, disgust, love or hatred and other who are absolutely neutral. And those “people inbetween” can’t be classified in one side or the other. It’s not right and fair. I am not saying you have to deal with every single comment, it would be too much, but one can not even be so blind and not see how different opinion are.

The smartest move is to understand what people really want to tell you. If the negative comment are more than the positive, maybe you did not a good job and you have to understand the reason behind your failure. And you can do the same in the other case, where the positive comments are more than the negative. In this case, there will be maybe advices to improve, or maybe just nice messages. Saying that it’s all amazing or a massive disaster is not good!

Let’s talk: Music.

Right now i am going to talk about my personal opinion. I have a couple of favorite artist (and i have already wrote about them), but i am not an hardcore fans. Which means that i listen their new music and i made my opinion. I will never say “OMG, i Love you soo much” or “Shut up, you f***ing idiot”. If i had to express my opinion, i would be someone inbetween, both in a good and in the bad way. I would express whether my joy or disappointment with respect and trying to justify my thoughts. As you can see, between the “too much love” and “too much hate” there is me in the middle. And between me and the hardcore fans, there will be hundreds of slightly different opinions. None is right, none is wrong, they are all different way to express themeselves.

And music is even a personal thing. So, you can divide people between the haters and the lovers, because a lover can become a hater and viceversa. In music there’s no an absolute truth. When we talk about art (and music is art), we need to consider the people’s life and feeling in that moment. If that song moves you, for whatever reason, people will react massively, otherwise not. So the opinion will change drasticly. In my life, there are moment where i love dance music, other where i hate it a lot. In my case, you can’t classify me in one side or the other.


In my opinion, dividing the entire humanity into two blocks when we talk or discuss is stupid. Both because is not true, also because we are not taking in consideration the fact that we are unique and because people change too often. Even if our opinion can be very similar, they are not completely the same. We have lived different lives and we think in different ways. None of them is absolutely right or wrong. There also all the other opinion inbetween we have to understand. Cutting out a big part of humanity is not good as a human being, but also is not good as business! Think about that!

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