The Kardashians: An Underrated Phemon!

I always wanted to have a post about the Kardashians on my blog. But i waited a little bit longer to write about them, because i wanted to be sure of what i wanted to write. For a lot of people the Kardashians are just stupid women, for other are useless and for other are just a bunch of talentless s**ts. In my case, i had no interest whatsoever for them. Then i watched their show on Disney+ and i started to put all the pieces together. Let me explain why we are all wrong.

Keep it up with the Kardashians.

It was the beginning of something insane. “Keep it up with the Kardashians” is a simple idea: a reality show around a family in Los Angeles. People thought it was a stupid idea and apparently nobody cared about them. Well, if anyone cared about this family, can you explain me the 19 season after the first one? It means that the rating was good, which means that people tuned in on “E!” every single week to see what happened next. I am pretty sure that lot of people, who are haters, are those who watch the show or follow the entire family on Instagram. To be honest, I didn’t watch any of the previous season, exept the last one. The Show was not my priority number one. I just watch the new show on Disney+ out of curiosity. And it was interesting, magnetic and funny.

One thing make me think: they don’t care about social media at all. They have millions of followers, but Social Media (Instagram above all) is not a priority. I mean, it’s important, because their business is based on reaching as much people as possible, but their first thought is enjoying their lives and investing their money wisely. Oh, talking about Instagram…

The Kardashians: the Social Media Queens.

There’s nothing more to say. Kylie, Kendall, Kris, Kim, Khloe and Kortney are the queens of Instagram. I am sure the Kardashians together are the most powerful family on internet. Every post is watched and liked by millions of people and commented by hundred of thousand of users. Everything they share becomes straight away a news for all the gossip entertainment and a trend topic for the following days, maybe weeks. How many times have we read about some Kardashians’ drama on newspaper? A lot of time. And some of those drama were created just because some of the “hardcore fans” created a news from nothing, just because there was a picture different than usual. I am pretty sure that they could post a black picture and people will start to speculate for days around that picture. That’s the Kardashian’s power/course.

Global Businesses.

Let’s talk about the fact they those ladies are freaking genius. Don’t you believe me? Well, you should.

Kim Kardashian.

We all know her for her body, her sex tape with Ray-J and her relationship with Kanye West. What we don’t want to see, and it’s all there under the sunlight, is the “empire” she’s creating. Let’s start with her modeling career. Yes, she poses for the most prestigious magazine in the world and her body is an absolutely money machine. But she knows that the physical beauty will be gone one day. So, she created the “SKKN By Kim“, “Skims” and she will become a lawyer. And with all those companies she’s making so much money that you can possibly imagine.

Kendall Jenner

She’s the most paid model in the world. She’s actually everywhere and works for everyone. She doesn’t own companies, but she still young. Once the model career will may get down, she will be there founding her own beauty brand or something like that. In the meantime, she’s enjoying her career as the number one model in the world. Well, technically i am wrong. she already into a business outside the fashion. She’s the mind behind the 818 Tequila, a start-up that produced the most famous mexican drink. It’s not a cosmetic brand, as peoplee might exept, mut Kendall Jenner is more than just a model and she knows how to do business. I don’t know if she’s good with drink, but it’s not important right now!

Lof of people may not like her, or even hate her, but she does great, despite all the hatred and the negativities. Actually i am sure that every single girl or teenager knows her and wants to be in her shoes. Who said differently is telling a lie!

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Cosmetic, Kiley Skin, Kiley Swim and Kiley Baby. And i think there’s nothing more to say. Well, if you are a man, you have no idea what i am talking about. Let’s put in this way: Kylie Jenner, with those businesses, was able to become a billionaire before the age of 30. There are very few people in the history who did that…and me and you are not in that list. Kylie create an empire based on women. Everything is basically aorund women and their need to be happy and to make sure that the baby is healthy. Kylie is the perfect example of “using the follower as an income source”. She understood that she was famous, she had a lot of women as followers and she realised that her Istagram can be a good way to sell her product and that exactly what she did.

Kylie Jenner is a pretty big name in the business. I would not be surpised that every woman out there knew the brand and bought at least one of its products. And the Kylie’s empire will grow.

Khloe Kardashian.

She founded only recently her own fashion company “Good American“. She talked about it during “The Kardashian” Show on Hulu (or Disney+). The porpouse of that company is to make sure that every woman can buy some fancy stuff, without thinking of the size. On Good Americans you can buy from the XXS until the XXXL. All the size are there, to make sure that every woman can feel included and feel free to buy finally a fancy clothes. That’s a nice idea. I love the inclusion mentality. It’s a fresh idea and it’s a pretty big challenge financially, we’ll see if the idea will be good welcomed or not.


As you can see, the Kardashians are pretty much more than hot, stupid ladies with lot of money. Yes, they are freaking rich, they are hot, but they are not stupid at all. If they were stupid all the Kardashian brand would have been destroyed in few months. But there they are, after two decades, bigger and stronger than ever. People love them, people hate them, but it doesn’t matter. The more people talk, the more money the most powerful american family will make.

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