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This is not March, 8th and probably this post is out of time. But i think that women must be celebrated all year…not only one day and then treated like sexual object. This is why i decided randomly to write a post to celebrate women, who have somehow tried to changed the world. Without further ado, let’s start with the celebration!

Women i admire: Selena gomez

I have already written about Selena Gomez in a dedicated post. What i love more about her is the fact that she publicly admitted that she suffered about bipolar disorder. She could not do that, because it’s her personal issue. But She decided to share her problem with the world, putting the spotlight on the problem. Why? She hoped to help other people to come out from the shadow. It’s time to make sure that the world changes the way ti looks at those people. They are not crazy, but they are “sick” and they need help to get out from their mental problems or keep it manageable. Right now, we think that those people are crazy and have to live in some kind of asylum. Nothing could be more wrong. In truth they need only a specific medical treatment…that often doesn’t exist.

Women i admire: Taylor Swift

I have also written about her. Taylor Swift was in the middle of two big problems.

Taylor Swift against the Music

She didn’t do nothing wrong, except the fact to be too young when she had success. It’s not a fault to be young and successful. I am agree with you. But in the entertainment business it is a fault. She signed a contract with her music label at 16. When she, years later, nicely asked to have her music back, the label said “absolutely not”. So she started a freaking war against the label. Why? To get what she was her, to prove a point, to try to create a precedent and try to change the business forever.

Taylor Swift Against Apple.

She was also involved in a fight against Apple due to the streaming revenue. She started to fight to make sure that all the music creators are paid for their music. I find this fight very interesting. I mean, we are talking about Taylor Swift, a woman who made hundreds of millions of dollars. She could just say “who cares! I am rich and famous!”, but she didn’t. Of course she started a fight also for herself and to protect her business, but she could do it privately. But she did it publicly, in this way Apple had to face the problem and fix it. A woman that changed the game forever.

Women i admire: Chiara Ferragni


Maybe this one is not known by everyone. Who is Chiara Ferragni? Chiara Ferragni is a…well, it’s pretty hard to describe her. Let’s say she’s a entrepreneur in the fashion business. She works together with the biggest name in the game and she’s owns also her own fashion company. Why am i talking about her right now? Because she’s the perfect example of how hard it is for a woman to be treated with respect and dignity. Why? Well, men and women out there don’t get the fact that a woman can’t be a mom, a model and an entrepreneur at the same time. More than that, those people don’t accept the fact that she posed often naked on Instragram because, according to this people, she’s a mom and she has to act like one.


Those problem don’t affect only her. A lot women out there are moms and forget often that they are also women, because women has often to give up on something: if you are a mom, you can’t be a business woman, because you have to stay home taking care of the kids. And if you are a mom, you can’t be sexy and confident anymore, because you have to give the right example to the babies. And what does Chiara? Exactly the opposite people say to her. This is why i love her!

She’s a woman, she knows she’s hot and she is confident to show her beauty. Does she pose naked? Yes, but to be honest: she’s got the same body of every single other women…there’s nothing incredible to witness. Is she a bad example for her kids? Well, if freedom, happiness, success and confidence are wrong messages, i think that we have to change something in the way we think! Is she a bad mom? We are not in the position to say anything about it.

I personally think that Chiara Ferragni is a good mom, a hot woman, a smart person and a great entrepreneur. If you think differently, you are maybe wrong!

Women i admire: The Kardashians

Yes…this one might a little bit controversial. Why the Kardashian? Because they are building an empire, even if the world thinks that those ladies are stupid. People, just because they put their life on television, doesn’t mean they are stupid. We see what they want us to see! The funny fact is that the more people get mad to those ladies, the more they got attention, publicity and the more money they make.

Before to write anything about them, i watch the Show “The Kardashian” on Hulu or Disney+. I have to admit: i started to watch it with prejudges, thinking that this show would have destroyed my brain. Well, apart from some very stupid moments, the rest of the show proved me that this family lives in a league on its own. Those ladies are just unreachable. Too much success, too much money and their business are just too big. Kylie and Kim are just the “Midas of the 21st Century”, Kendall is the N.1 model in the world and Khloe started her own fashion brand. I don’t know exactly what Kortney does, if she does something. All those ladies are freaking insanly talented!

Anyway, I love this family because it’s just unstoppable. It doesn’t matter how you talk about them, they will make money. And nobody can’t do nothing about that! They have created a machine that will do nothing but growing every single day!


Those are the woman i admire, because in their lives proved they can do something amazing. And you? Which are the women you admire the most? Let me know in a comment below!

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