Authentically Me!

I opened my blog, this very blog, because i had something to say. Some of those thougths are very specific, other come randomly in my mind and i have no idea where to put them, because they belong to everything and everyone, not only to a specific field or topic.

This part of my blog is just a journey in my mind, where everyone can have free access to. Let’s see if you are agree with ot not!

Random Thoughts

Are you ready to see what’t inside my brain with too much time to think?


Emotions are complicated to understand, but they are absolutely amazing to talk about. Randomly i will post my ideas and thoughts about what defines us and our lives!


The best time of the year. And i want to celebrate it with all my thoughts about it! And i will leave you all the time, because even in Summer is great to talk about Santa Claus!

What if…

I love history, because it’s a succession of decisions that humanity takes that bring us where we are in a certain place in a specific time. But what if we were able to change one of our part decisions?


I could not avoid to talk about ti. Love is for us the most important thing in life. Loved and being loved is what we all look for. My question is: does the perfect relationship exist? Here i want to figure it out!


Life is amazing and i want to celebrate it from the very beginning to the very end. Ready to read how life may be wonderful!

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