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I'm pretty sure to know everything. If thre's nothing i don't know. be free to tell me!

100 Followers! Another Milestone!

Advertisements Hi Everybody…it’s been a while since i wrote my last post. Honestly, it’s not because i had nothing to say, because i have a couple of good ideas, but….

Let’s Get Naked!

Advertisements This is not a post about sexuality. Absolutely not! This should be a celebration of what we are! Let me explain you, because nobody is naked, but we all….

Facebook: The Beginning Of The End!

Advertisements It was 2009. It was a great time. No smartphone, no social media and no people on the street watching thier phone constantly, completely forgetting to see where they….

Ukraine War: The World Will Never Be The Same!

Advertisements Let me tell you something, brother! 2022 might be the “year 0” for humanity. What happened in Ukraine is awful, horrible and incredible to believe! I’m agree with you…..

Abuses: Can men protect Women?

Advertisements Every year, on March 8th, we celebrate the International Woman’s day. It’s for me a cheap way for men to fell less guilty about the society men themselves have….

Talking: Being a Liar or Telling the Truth?

Advertisements It happened to me almost every time: talking with someone. It may be a member of my family, a friend or myself. It’s like a nail in my brain….

When The Advice is Real, But Fake!

Advertisements I am on WordPress since November and on social since 2010. I have see a lot and i will probably see a lot after this post. The funny part….


Advertisements It doesn’t really matter how old we are, who we are, where we live or the time we live. There’s something that connects us all over the world: talking…..

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