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Fashion: Is It Right To Be Trendy?

Advertisements Fashion industry is one of the biggest industry EVER. We are talking about billion of dollar every year and hundreds of thousand of people involved in the business. Between….

Push-Up Bra: Big Breast and Disappointment!

Advertisements This post will be something personal. As a man, i don’t understand the Push-Up Bra. I can understand High-Heels and Make-Up. I am quite ok with Lingerie, although i….

Jessica Jung: More than a Singer!

Advertisements Previously i talked about the Girls’ Generation. Between the nine members before 2013, there’s one, who fascinates and has created a HUGE controversy around her, although the controversy had….

The “Influencer” Chiara Ferragni.

Advertisements I know that this headline sound a little too obvious, but i can’t actually better describe THE BEST INFLUENCER on Instagram…because the number of followers is not everything on….

Fashion #3: The Useless Make-Up!

Advertisements In fashion there are different reason why something is sold: maybe because it’s easy to use, it’s necessary, it’s comfortable or it’s sold because women need to hide something…..

Fashion #2: High Heels!

Advertisements High heels are made fro three things: lying, pain and suffer….if i really have to be honest with you right now, there would be a fourth reason, but i….

Fashion #2: Sundress

Advertisements I love all the seasons, but summer has got a special place in my heart. During the day at the beach women wears amazing and stunnig bikinis, in every….

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